Mix music-common mistakes to be avoided

By: LOVE FLAVA | Posted: 13th May 2011

In this earth of ours, there is something which has more power than any other thing-music. Did you know that there is no way we can live without the music. Even in the olden days from the time of Jesus, there were praises and thus music started in very long in the past only that it has been progressing over the years. Music no matter who, even the kings and presidents will be moved by it. If you get a chance to mix music and do it well, then be sure you are here for a big event.

The good thing with this course is that it markets itself. You donít have to keep on moving from one place to the other asking for jobs or services to offer. You have what it needs and having the work done in one occasion determines if there are other persons who are going to give you the work or not. What you require is to ensure that you do your best whenever chance presents itself-right? There is no magic behind the big thing. only practice and ensuring that you have all what it takes to mix music, and you will wonder to see mountains move and you moving to places you never thought you would finds yourself offering services. Chances provide themselves in one way or the other.

However, even when all is done, there are reasons why the mixing of music has become more of unattainable thing. This is because most of those guys whom we know can do good job never realizes the mistakes which they keep on repairing and thus why they will not move to another level. Am not criticizing but there are certain mistakes which as long as you are doing them, you will never go to anywhere. People will be asking Ďwhen will you complete this so that he can move away?í you make people feel bored and that is the very last thing you should be thinking of. You want somewhere where people will have a kick back and listen to the flow of the music. This is the only way which you can market yourself-the primary way among the very many others.

Losing the big picture: when you want to mix music, there is more than what most people see; the equalizing, adding effects and tweaking. There is the big picture above that. Due to the upraising nature of the funs that you are addressing, you have to have a vision. Itís like when you are setting a stage. You have to combine the lighting system, sound and props in good manner to have the performances done. The same should apply when you want to mix music. Ensure you have what you are focusing. Maintain the big picture and never get lost in the process.

working upside down: understanding how to mix music and how to ensure that the music is in such a way that anyone can take a kick back to listen to the music no matter what he was supposed to do, he just finds himself carried away, there is more of balancing the track on instruments and how the vocals works. This is the very thing which you can make yourself comer out of the rest. There are very many mixers but when it comes to balancing the two, then they canít handle the excel heat. You have to learn to balance vocals as well as instruments-well explained.Working knowledge of EQ: this is one thing which can make you to break the elements of mixing. Certain instruments are challenged with frequencies which can be compounded quickly. Thus understanding how the EQ works will ensure that you have everything under control-itís doing the unusual that makes you a great mixer.

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