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By: Mushtaq Faisal | Posted: 11th May 2011

Painting is a type of fine art encompassing with multiple colours and presenting scenes of various and sometimes divergent varieties of themes. Then being a complete and separate class of art, painting itself has a number of genres. Of them, landscape paintings are known to all and sundry. History has produced many painters like Ivan Aivazovsky, Gustave Courbet , Alfred Sisley and Winslow Homer; they are still alive to art-lovers for their extraordinary talent and skill. Ordinary people think of landscape paintings as a very simple and trouble-free work; however, it is not all in a day's work.

To depict charismatic and eye-catching scenery on a canvas of about 200-300 cm needs holistic skills and aids to accomplish an apparently simple task. Colours, shades, background and angle of presentation all need to be handled artistically and carefully. It is the apposite use of all elements of painting that turn simple landscape paintings into valuable works. Furthermore, landscape paintings are also a major source of making history saved in the form of colors. It is the artist who demonstrates the events of history, including peace time and war eras, which the coming generations view as a great symbol of past.

Painters devote their life for their work and in return earn livelihood by presenting their paintings for sale. Art gallery is the name of place where "paintings for sale" are decorated for the visitors. Besides, online galleries are yet another source of selling and purchasing paintings. In every part of world, theses galleries that contain rural landscape paintings as well as urban landscape paintings truly represent various cultures. If on one hand, the paintings bear witness to the artists' skill, they, on the other hand, narrate the story of country's past and present. Change in life style and philosophy of peoples can also be deciphered in the variation of scenery painted on canvases at different times.

Mostly harmony is the common and essential element of landscape paintings. Even the presentation of paintings for sale follows the very nature of this art. Natural objects like land, sun, moon, river, lake and plants are lying in harmony with each other and their synthesis conveys a message to human beings that their life would be comfortable and enjoyable if it exists in proper arrangement and order. Hence, it would not be ungrounded to state that landscape paintings are the blessings for humanity embarking upon imparting an important lesson and philosophy that pledges peaceful existence.

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