Under Eye Creams – Are they Effective at Reducing Puffy Eyes?

By: heinvest | Posted: 10th May 2011

As you start getting old, your skin too gets older and starts developing signs of aging. The skin under the eyes is quite thin and also develops aging signs in the form of puffy eyes and black under eyes. Many people start using puffy eye creams to mitigate this problem, but do all such creams really work?

First, let’s have a close look as to what actually causes puffy eyes, wrinkles and skin lines under the eyes. Here we would like to state that one should not confuse puffy eyes with swollen eyes because latter can be due to some medical condition and it is better to seek immediate advise from a doctor.

There are numerous causes of under eye bags and most of them relate to skin deterioration that occurs with age and this happens with all of us. With age our skin loses its efficiency to drain fluids and puffy eyes result due to such condition.

If you are suffering from black under eyes, this condition is normally caused by the leakage of blood from worn out capillaries which gives a dark look. You can easily improve this condition by using the best eye cream that is available on the market. Today there are any high quality eye creams that are made using quality contents that often alleviate this problem of black under eyes and puffy eyes.

An effective product called Eyeliss has been on the market and is beneficial for treating puffy eyes. It is patented medicine and has been tested by independent sources and have found it to be very effective.
This cream works by strengthening the capillaries in the under eye skin and also improves the drainage of fluid thereby improving the problem of puffy eyes and black under eyes. It also improves the skin elasticity and helps in reducing the lines or wrinkles.

The results of this eye cream are mostly evident within two months of usage. Puffy eyes can also occur due to hormonal imbalance but main cause in large numbers of people worldwide is fluid build up and poor drainage which occurs due to advancing age. People suffering from black under eyes and puffy eyes can also recover to some extent from these conditions by drinking sufficient quantities of liquid (about 7-8 glasses) each day for better fluid circulation within their bodies.
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