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By: shalinil048 | Posted: 05th May 2011

The X10 is a tablet device that Android comes with a 10 inch capacitive touch screen. It has a high resolution of 1366x768. It also comes with many other applications. Some of them include a front camera, which allows you to take pictures and take pictures of the places you want to remember. The camera comes with autofocus and a so you will not struggle to take pictures, even if you're an amateur to take. The camera comes with image stabilization features that make it easy for you to take photos, even when the angle of the focus is not so favorable. There is also a 1080p display which basically means you can easily videos on the tablet. This tablet runs on the Android-2. 2 operating system, meaning that one can download a large number of applications available in the Android Market. The Android Marketplace has many applications that can adapt and fit for their own needs. The tablet of course comes with its own pre-installed applications. While in theory you can download thousands of applications, in reality you can not, because not all applications will match your needs. Moreover, the memory in your phone is probably not suitable for all applications.

The tablet comes with a Wi-Fi connection, which enables 3G connectivity. So you can be able to access the Internet more useful. The tablet is also Bluetooth. The wide screen display allows images you can see much more consistent and you do not have to struggle to find them. Your browsing experience will be enhanced if the pages will not be as much as in many Android smartphones and tablets are compressed. The QWERTY keyboard also ensures that you can type and enter the data easily without applying too much pressure. Although it may initially difficult to use the keyboard, you will eventually manage to get it right after some practice. There are also messaging services such as IM, Gtalk and SMS enabled on this tablet. Allows you to easily chat and thus keep up with friends, colleagues and relatives.

The tablet also comes with Google maps, which, combined with GPS navigation services can easily help you to locate one. You can improve a street view, view the city or city views from one place, although some areas may be limited due to personal problems. You can be charged for using this service. There's also a built-in one calendar that will help you to important events in your calendar to mark. You will therefore not in a hurry to events in the last minute plan.

The large memory size of the tablet means you can transfer music and video store without worrying. The storage can be further increased many times with the microSD slot that typically more memory space than the size of the tablet. There are very powerful speakers and head jacks that can listen to your music without interruption. You can also order by phone and digital music playlists and albums in music stores to shop the many media applications.

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