How to Ask To Your Kids about Their Experiences In School

By: osawebmaster8 | Posted: 04th May 2011

All parents want a window into what their kids are doing all day at school. There are few ways by which you can get to know whatís going on after the school day. You have to get involved with your kids. The parents have to become as active as they can be in their kidís school right from the beginning. You have to join the PTA. You should be supportive of your children. Your children should feel that the parents are a safe haven with whom they can share their feelings without fear of being judged.

Some kids might not want to talk about negative school experiences like bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse and other social insecurities. Parents should empathize with the plight of their children. Parents should tell their children that even they had tough times growing up. Parents should share their own remembrances and it is a good way to jump start a conversation about school-related problems. Parents should not nag their children.

You should know your child well. You should communicate with your child well and find out who all are his friends at school and what all makes him happy at school and what all makes him sad. You should be able to recognize your childís unusual behavior. If you notice some changes in your childís behavior, then you should talk to him/her. You should have such a relationship with a child that he learns to open up about his experiences, desires, dilemmas and needs. Communication is a two-way street and how well you share your thoughts and feelings with your child will determine how well he shares his thoughts and problems with you.

You should ask about things that are specific but still open ended. Daily have a conversation with your child. Ask your child about the best part of the day. Ask him/her, what was the hardest thing you had to do that day. Talk about the funny experiences at school. Ask what rules at school are different from the rules at home. Ask your child, what he/she learnt at school that day. Ask your kid, who is the favorite teacher and if your child is getting good attention from the teachers.

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