What You Need To Know About Social Child Anxiety

By: lcp30 | Posted: 04th May 2011

Anxiety disorders are one of the primary mental health problems affecting children today. It is normal for a child to have

anxiety but only when nervousness, and shyness, and wanting to avoid places and activities start to happen, then you know it

is time for help. Anxiety disorder affects 1 in 8 children. Studies show that children with an anxiety disorder are likely

to perform poorly in school, miss out on social events, and even start in substance abuse. The most common type of child

anxiety disorder would be social child anxiety disorder. Down below is a list of child anxiety disorder and some helpful

information to diagnose which child anxiety disorder your child has.
Do you think your child suffering from anxiety child disorders?

Here are some tips to help you free your child from anxiety. Knowing what type of anxiety disorder your child has will

help you greatly in finding a cure yourself.

There is several different type of anxieties .Dose your child worries about events from the past present or future? Does

he/she worry about upcoming events, school, family, and health, inability in sports or academics? If this accrues more days

than not, for several months. Your child might be in the category of generalized anxiety disorder
Freeing your child from generalized anxiety disorder would consist of teaching your child to use positive talk instead of

negative; this is called, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Also you will need to teach your child how to separate

realistic for unrealistic thoughts. As a parent you should reinforce and reward you child success. There are also other

ways like medication that can possibly help your child. (I would not recommend)

Other type of child Anxiety disorders

Child Disorder which is unwanted and intrusive thoughts, and wanting to repeatedly perform rituals and routines.
Panic disorder
Your children unexpectedly panics, or have and anxiety attack for no reason at all.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
An intense fear or anxiety comes over your child after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic or life threatening event.

Separation Child Anxiety Disorder
It is common for your child 18 months 3 years to experience separation anxiety, only when your child is older and they

are unable to leave you or other members of your family or it take longer for your child to calm down than other children,

then there is a problem. The treatment for child separation anxiety disorder can be found in The Anxiety Free Child Program,

which teaches what do in this situation.

Extreme fear of being scrutinized by others in a social setting, the fear of embarrassment or humiliation. Social anxiety

child disorder begins around 13 years old. Want your child to triumph over social anxiety child disorder; The Anxiety Free

Child Program teaches you the two main treatments for Social child anxiety, and helpful techniques to encourage your child

to overcome this disorder.

Selective Mutism
A child who refuses to speak where talking is expected. The extent of the refusal interferes with school and making friends.

If your child stand motionless, chew or twirl their hair or hide in a corner to avoid talking are all symptoms of Selective


Specific phobias
Very Intense fear of a specific object like a dog, or flying in a plane. Common child phobias are animal, storm, water,

blood, in the dark, and hospital. Children will avoid situation they fear or go through extreme anxiety. This lead to

crying, tantrum, clinging, headaches or even stomach aches. The Anxiety child Program will help your child overcome all

these fears.

I have found the way to free my child from anxiety and I am pretty sure it will work for you as well. Why pay for

costly therapy, why subject your child to the side effects of medication. With The Anxiety Free Child Program, you are not

going to learn what to do, but they show you how to do it. And that what really counts. If it help find a way to cure my

child anxiety disorder I a positive the program will defiantly help you and your child.
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