Water coolers to hydrate and energize employees for productivity

By: thomsonuw | Posted: 03rd May 2011

We all know how water is extremely crucial for our existence and survival. But, today, water is not seen as merely quenching our thirst, but it should be clean and without germs also so that it does not adversely impact your health. The need for always remaining hydrated is all the more felt in the offices, where employees have to keep their focus. Installation of efficient water coolers, therefore, has become a necessity in the offices to maintain the required hydration level of the employees.

There are plenty of advantages that you get from installation of water cooler in office. First know that tap water goes through a chemical processing in order to remove some impurities in it. Such impurities include copper, lead and lime scale in it and are harmful to health if consumed. However, water coolers provide purer water, which means that it works as an appetizer also.

Regular consumption of water is crucial in avoiding of illness in employees. Going by the requirement of drinking 7-8 glass of water in a day, it is obviously clear the office people must be taking pure water almost every hour to maintain a good hydration level in their bodies. Only sufficient consumption of office water on regular basis can allow the employees to focus on the job. Chances of the employees falling sick are very few due to such frequent drinking of pure office water. Most of the urinary tract diseases can be avoid if you take enough water throughout the day and possibilities of having arthritis in life are also bleak.

It is now a well established medical fact that a body that is less hydrated is more likely to become less functional. If the hydration level of office people falls to as low as five percent, the doctors say that it results in fall of more than twenty percent in the physical and mental capacity and performance. This is especially true in summers when lots of body fluid goes out from skin pores. This should prompt you to install a water filtering equipment in office.

When you install water coolers in office, you take care of health of the pregnant woman if she is attending the work place regularly. For such women, premature labor can result in case they remain dehydrated for a longer time. But a water filtering machine in the office can save her from some ailments.

Water is also most crucial in regulating our body temperature. Therefore, water coolers are absolute necessity for the office in summer times when heat is at its extreme and you want to make your employees feel comfortable in the office.

Your office employees do not have take resort in soft drinks that are damaging to health also due to varied content like excessive sugar and some alcohol in many of them. Pure plain water not only gives instant energy but also is preferable for health also.

Do not hesitate to install water cooler in office as these are available in many attractive and most modern designs. Today’s water filtering systems are sleek and stylish and do not take much space in the offices.

These advantages of water cooler must prompt you to install the equipment right away so that your work force remains healthy and properly hydrated all the time for more energy and focus.

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