Lord Krishna, the Naughty God

By: Kevin Fernandez | Posted: 20th April 2011

Lord Krishna is the son of Devaki, the sister of Kansa and Vasudevar. Before Lord Krishna took birth, Narada predicted that eighth child of Devaki will kill Kansa. Listening to this, he puts both of them in prison and kills each of their seven children. Somehow Vasudevar succeeds in saving Krishna and brings him to Vrindavan, where his friend resides. Lord Krishna spends his childhood in Vrindavan among other cowherds like a normal kid, under the caring of Yashoda.

Childhood Accounts

It is thought that the evil spirits sent by Kansa did not succeed in their attempts in killing little Krishna. Krishna, in his childhood defeated the snake which tried to kill the people and cows of Vrindavan through poisoning Yamuna. Krishna sprang from the branch of Kadamba tree on to Kaaliya's head and performed dance and defeated him.

He is also known to be playful with milkmaids residing in Vrindavan and takes butter from their homes. He would untie the cows at the time of milking and would also conceal dresses of bathing Gopis. He thought to make his devotees aware of the larger meanings underlying in these naughty activities. He was hinting his worshippers to detach themselves from worldly pleasures and concentrate only on god that is him.

Krishna and Radha

Radha, who was Krishna's companion, was a milkmaid residing in Vrindavan. The friendship between them is selfless and represents true love. Their relation is pure in the true sense as it is the mental union that they give importance to. Radha is fully devoted to Krishna and considers that Krishna is her own. Her jealousy even to the flute is obvious when she expresses that the flute is fortunate to have the prana blown into it.

Krishna and Sudhama

Sudhama and Krishna were close friends when they were at Gurukula. Their friendship surpassed all social divide and Lord Krishna accepted Sudhama wholeheartedly.

Once when Kuchela was very poor, he heads towards Dwaraka to meet Krishna with a small pack of beaten rice, which Krishna likes. Seeing Dwaraka, Kuchela gets surprised seeing the huge army and palace of Krishna. He decides to head back, but then Lord Krishna sees him and calls him back. Krishna takes care of Kuchela with much love and affection.

Sudhama, embarrassed to ask for support, goes back without uttering a word about his poverty. But the god understands his friend's needs and helps him. Sudhama knew the goodness of his friend after he reached home. He saw that his family was eating good food and was wearing new clothes.
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