How to Select the Right Hair Brush

By: CarolynSue | Posted: 14th April 2011

Are you using the right hair brush for your hair care and styling needs? I would guess that the majority of us just grab a brush, run it though our hair and don't give it a second thought. However, the proper hair brush can make a big difference in our ability to style our hair, prevent unnecessary breakage, and can keep the hair shiny and healthy.

Hair brushes come in all shapes, sizes and styles and selecting the right brush for your hair care needs can be a little overwhelming. Therefore an understanding of the different types of hairbrushes and their use will help you in selecting the right hair brush for you hair care needs.

Radial Brushes - also known as barrel brushes or round brushes. They are designed as a styling aid to give hair curl when used with a blow dryer. These brushes are perfect for short to medium length, bob type hairstyles and they will add volume at the crown and smooth the hair shafts. Note: the larger the barrel the larger the curl and smoothness.

These round brushes also available in a heat conductive material and are called thermal brushes. They actually conduct heat from your blow-dryer so not only are the outside of the hair shaft is drying, the brush bristles are drying the inside hair shaft too.

Thermal Brushes - A unique concept in hair brush industry, these brushes actually conduct heat when using heat styling utensils, such as flat irons and blow dryers. Therefore, not only are you just drying the outer surface of the hair with your blow dryer or flat iron the bristles are drying the inside of the hair shaft.

Sculpting brushes are used for backcombing and adds volume to short textured hair or razor-cut hair with sharp edges.

Did you know that brushes with widely spaced bristles are best for long hair, especially slightly heavy ones like those made of heavy plastic, wood or ebonite, which don't cause static or damage hair. Consider a paddle brush if you have long hair.

Ionic Hair Brushes - these brushes use negative ions to rid hair of frizz and fly-away hair. They add shine and make hair soft and smooth. Because ionic brushes flatten the hair strand and force the hair to stay straight they do a great job of eliminating fly-away hair and frizz. You can maximize results when used in conjunction with an ionic blow dryer.

Vented and cushioned brushes are designed to fluff up the air and are useful for those with an oily hair type. They are also used as a hair styling aid when blow drying the hair to let air flow through the shafts and keep the brush cool.

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