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With tanned skin being the latest archetype of being stylish and trendy, tanning products are in great demand. A family-owned business with over a quarter of century experience in sunless tanning products, Sun Laboratories, Inc. is the first professional self-tanning product manufacturer and distributor.

The idea of sunless tanning products started 27 years ago by Gisela Hunter under the name of Giesee. Unique formulas created by her enabled people to have the healthy and sun-kissed skin year-around. Now known as Sun Laboratories, it specializes in the manufacturing of a whole variety of sunless tanning products. These include sun tan creams, body and bath products, tan care products, tanning air brush, sprays, and lotions.

Importance of Sunless Tanning Products

Sunless tanning, also known as self tanning, fake tanning, or UV-free tanning, is possible by the external application of certain chemicals to the skin. This creates an effect similar to a suntan.

Sunless tanning is becoming more popular because of the awareness among the public regarding the adverse effects of direct exposure to the sun.

Sunburn and skin cancer also contributed to this public awareness, even though moderate exposure to the sun results in beneficial results such as the stimulated production of vitamin D by the body.

Sunless Tanning Products from Sun Labs

Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion .25OZFP gives the most natural-looking tan instantly. Dark Sunsation Instant Self-Tanner is the darkest shade available.

It also contains natural ingredients that moisturize the skin.

Sun Laboratories Sun Screen Lotion provides slight tan and also protects from the sunrays. This unique blend of water-resistant moisturizers and full-spectrum sun protection has a SPF of 15. Sun Laboratories Glitter Sunscreen Tanning Gel is designed to help you make a statement at beach with instant attention. Sun Labs' 8oz Raspberry Hand and Body Lotion is a light moisturizer which conditions dry skin. 8oz Pear Hand and Body Lotion Tester is a pear-scented moisturizer with special emollients which helps keep skin smooth, soft, and supple.

Sun Labs also offers 1 gallon self-tanning liquid for airbrush tanning. Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation Airbrush Tan Spray creates the best fake, long-lasting tan. It quickly absorbs in the skin and hydrates and balances essential moisture levels. Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Airbrush Tan Spray Clear helps get a deep bronze natural-looking tan. Voted best daily self-tanner, the Ultra Dark airbrush self-tanning spray enables an easy, even application over the entire body. Sun Laboratories also offers travel kits containing essential sunless skin tanning lotions and sprays.

Tan Overnight Self Tan Lotion is designed to create the most natural-looking tan instantly. Tan Overnight's unique built-in bronzer is especially suitable for fair-skinned people. Tan Overnight dark brown lotion has been designed to offer an instant tan that intensifies within three hours of application.

Sun Labs' other sunless tanning products include tanning accelerators, indoor tanning lotions, face tanning lotions, Body tanning lotions, sun block and sunscreen lotions. All sunless skin tanning products from Sun Labs help you to discover a stylish and trendy self all year around without the adverse effects of sunrays.

Visit the site to know more about the Sun Labs products. The site also offers free samples for testing. Ordering and payment is done online. Sun Laboratories is a leading sunless self-tanning products manufacturer using innovative methods.
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