These Ingredients of Wrinkle Creams That You Must Avoid

By: Jen Hopkins | Posted: 13th April 2011

Most of us think that all wrinkle creams are 100% when used. Since these were specifically formulated to be applied on the skin, we assume that there are no side effects at all. There is always two sides to everything and you should also be aware that some beauty products may be harmful. It is best to know the different ingredients that may be harmful to the body.

There are some products which have been found to contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury. These practically build up in the body and once it reaches the lethal level, it can result to brain damage. Plus, the disposal of these creams can often cause to accumulate also in the environments and the chain reactions starts. These can be in the forms of preservatives or even salts.Heavy metals are known to be poisonous at certain levels. Most wrinkle creams contains mercury and lead in their formulation. This may not cause any immediate harm to the body but it will once it accumulates. These have been linked as causes of brain and nerve damage. Not only does this cause a threat when used because traces of it may be found in the environment when disposed.

One of the results of the advancement of technology are nanoparticles. These are widely used in cosmetic products because they believe that the skin can absorb the ingredients easier. Even if it seems very promising, you have to beware of the harmful effects that this may have. Due to the small particle size of these things, there is a possibility that it will make its way to the optic nerves and the blood stream.

Formaldehyde has been a core ingredient in most skin care creams. It acts as a preservative which is why this is widely used. The bad news is that it is a carcinogen as well as found to cause complications related to the immune system and the respiratory tract.

There is indeed a growing interest in organic skin care products. Most of these are known to use algae extracts in their formulations. These are sometimes listed as seaweed extract, algin and carageenan. These may be ingredients from natural sources but not necessarily be safe. These have been found to posses comedogenic properties.

A popular ingredient is most wrinkle creams is the fragrance to make them more appealing for use. These sometimes contain phthalates, one ingredient regulated by different environmental organizations worldwide. Still, you may find some products containing these. The reason why you should avoid this is that it can bring defects to the baby especially when pregnant. For men, they may be at risk for infertility.

Isopropyl Myristate is used in most wrinkle creams for it to be absorbed by the skin easily. It is a comedogenic ingredient that can also cause irritations to the skin. It is derived mostly from animal and plant fatty acids.

Maybe it would be better to switch to using natural wrinkle creams. Since people are now more aware of the harm that you are exposed to when you use lab formulated product, they try to provide safer alternatives. Do not allow yourself to be exposed to this much harm. When you want to look beautiful, you also have to make sure that you remain healthy.
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