DISH Network Latino Packages – Enjoy Digital TV Viewing in Your Preferred Language

By: John Mark Adams | Posted: 13th April 2011

If you are one of those, who are dying to watch their favorite Spanish channels, then it would always be a wise decision to opt for DISH Network Latino packages. These are not only affordable and cost-effective, but even provide you an ideal opportunity to enjoy all of your preferred channels in digital clarity. This exclusive package is definitely a treat for both the Spanish and Latin American residents of USA.

The Diverse Latino Programming Packages of the DISH Network:

• DISH MΙXICO: With this exclusive bilingual package, now the customers can enjoy more than 55 channels at a monthly rental of only $19.99. The channels included in this package are America LIVE, C-SPAN, DISH Shopping, Playboy en Espanol and lots more.

• DISH Latino Clasico: It is perhaps one of the best DISH Latino packages available in the market. Presently, this package is offering more than 105 channels at a discounted price of only $22.99 per month. The package further treats the consumers with some of the prominent channels like, Centroamerica TV, Discovery Familia, Disney XD, Galavisin, InCite Television etc.

• DISH Latino Plus: Again, with DISH Latino Plus, the customers can enjoy more than 110 channels in both the Spanish and English languages. Resembling with the aforesaid ones, here also you will be able to enjoy the utmost pleasures of a variety of channels like, Boomerang, CineLatino, DishHOME, TV Colombia etc. This package is also available at a minimal price of $27.99 per month.

• DISH Latino Dos: It is an ideal entertainment package for your family. Here, you can experience more than 210 channels at a monthly rental of only $29.99. Whether you are interested in music, sports or anything else, this package would certainly mitigate your requirements. In addition, there are the utmost privileges of more than 25 HD channels, which further encourage a large number of customers to opt for the same.

• DISH Latino Max: This is perhaps one of the most exciting DISH Latino package. Here, the customers can enjoy the beguiling actions of more than 255 channels at a nominal price of only $42.99 per month. This package is definitely a treat for all those people, who are fascinated in sports and action movies. Apart from this, the consumers can even experience more than 40 channels in high-definition mode.

Presently, DISH Network TV is offering some of the exclusive features for the new customers. The HD Free for Life is one such prominent instance, which can be mentioned in this context. The viewers can even enjoy free telecast of Showtime for the initial three months. Apart from this, there is the free of cost upgrade to HD DVR and three HD receivers.

With DISH Network Latino, now the Spanish residents can certainly enjoy the flavors of their native land even while staying abroad. You can even opt for the professional assistance of the DISH Network retailers and enjoy the utmost privileges of the DISH Latino package.

DISH Latino is undeniably one of the most attractive packages of DISH Network. Here, the viewers can enjoy all of their favorite Spanish programs in crystal clear clarity.
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