How to Understand and interpret abstract painting?

By: Baltimore Lions | Posted: 12th April 2011

Abstract painting is different from the other arts in several aspects. Sometimes, most of the people donít understand what does an abstract painting is all about. They even cannot judge the exact motive of the painting properly as a result; they cannot say whether the art is good or bad. However, the abstract painting is not about the subject of the art, it is all about the feelings it evokes. In order to understand this type of painting, one has to pay attention on few considerable points. Interpreting a contemporary art is more than just viewing it in a single piece. You must try to feel the feelings of the artist that he/she embedded in the contemporary art. It is very interesting to interpret abstract painting correctly. Once you start doing it, you will get that an abstract art has much feelings and expressions than the other arts.

>> Visit the art gallery where paintings for sale are available and look at the paintings closely, but donít try to indulge into it completely to search the meaning. The best abstract painting evokes objects and feelings with the viewer. You just need to interpret it. Never, try to focus on single aspect of the art instead; you should focus on the pieces as a whole art.

>> Now, study the art that is the elements if that art is completing the picture or contradicting each other.

>> Find out the feelings that the contemporary art evokes. You can easily understand the feelings as these feelings are created by different shapes and colors. If the elements of the contemporary art are contradicting with each other, which means turmoil, fear, anxiety, hate, sadness and strife. On the other hand, elements that compliment each other describe happiness and calm feelings.

>> Another way is reading the title of the art. The title of the art will give another perspective to understand the contemporary art and interpret the meaning and feeling of the art. Mostly, the artist gives a small name to their abstract painting so viewers can get an idea of the feelings.

>> The best alternative is to get connected yourself with the art and enjoy it properly so, you can get a better idea about the feelings that a painting expresses. Free yourself to enjoy the art. The more you enjoy the art by heart, better you understand the art.

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