How To Plan The Perfect Christening Party

By: Carolyn Clayton | Posted: 11th April 2011

The event of a baptism is a huge celebration that many people celebrate in different ways. While a party may be big or small, the actual details of the event are important. When hosting a baptism for a child, there are a few clever points to consider and guidelines to follow. A properly organized day will ensure that everything runs smoothly and turns out great. Booking the church and planning the reception may be the main ideas to consider.

A church to have the baptism may be the one that you attend on a regular basis, or one that you have to find. Some people are religious, but do not attend church regularly enough to have a consistent one. Many churches are eager to have children christened with them as long as families are willing to become members. If you are not currently a member of any church, you may want to give yourself lots of time to become one. Some organizations want to see the family for a few months before they will agree to hosting a service with them.

Once the actual church day and time is booked, families can then make up the invitations and begin planning the other details. The more notice that is given to guests, the more people that will be able to attend. Lots of notice will also allow for more planning of the reception venue location and features.

Some people will have a small function at home, and other people will book a banquet hall for the big day. A reception place will have lots of room and enough table and chairs to support everyone who will attend. There will be catered food and decorations that honor the special child.

Decorations may be displayed by a professional decorating company or can be put up by the host. These decorations may be found at party stores and can be put up the morning of the event. Steamers, balloons and signs may be purchased and decorated around the event location.

People who come to the christening will want to give presents or money. There should be a table set up to hold presents and a money box for cards. Personalized christening gift ideas may also be given and will need a safe and secure location to put them. A large reception area will require a long narrow table. A home party will still need a safe and secure spot to place gifts and a money box.

After the ceremony at the church, guests and the hosts will follow back to the place of the reception. Food will be served and gifts or cards opened. In some events there is even a rented DJ and music. Whether the event is a large one or a small one, there are plenty of ways to make the day special.

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