Bottom Injections Cost Versus Its Benefits: An Analysis

By: Dr M Holmes | Posted: 11th April 2011

Bottom injections are another term used to refer to botox injections. It is a famous cosmetic procedure commonly used to remove wrinkles and frown-lines. Bottom injections cost are a bit expensive. Shall we look at the factors that can contribute to its high price?

* The area where the injection will be administered. There are certain areas of the body that requires more botox units and therefore the price of administering bottom injections in these areas will be higher than the others.

* The qualification of the administering professional. Cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and nurses charge different service fees. Licenses also affect the service fees. The popularity of the professional is also a factor. Consider the cases of the cosmetic surgeons who deal with celebrities, they charge higher than normal because they also use the service of popular artists to endorse their services.

* The geographical location of the clinic or center of the administering professional. The price of the procedure is also dependent on whether the area is urban, sub urban or rural. Services within urban areas are charged higher because the cost of living is also high. The building where the clinic or center is located is also an associated factor. Most clinics that are located within commercial complexes can charge higher services as most of them are only rented units.

Although bottom injections cost are typically expensive, there are a number of benefits an individual undergoing such procedure may get. Some of which are:

* It is cheaper than other cosmetic procedures and surgeries that offer the same effect like wrinkle elimination and giving you a youthful look. Therefore, if you want the same effect for a lower price, bottom injections is a good option.

* Bottom injections cost may be high in some instances but you benefit by acquiring younger looking skin that may hide your true age. Isnít it flattering if somebody tells you that you look five or 10 years younger than your actual age?

* You benefit from the time you can save because when compared to other procedures, bottom injections usually only consume 10 minutes to half an hour of your time.

* If you are afraid of cuts and lacerations and if these hinder you from undergoing cosmetic procedures, then bottom injections would be good for you as they are done in a non-invasive and less painful manner.

Apart from the previously mentioned benefits, the medical benefits that certain individuals can obtain from the procedure further justify the bottom injections cost. There are also certain defects that can be corrected by undergoing bottom injections. Some of these conditions are listed below.

* Lifting of saggy breasts. Injecting botox within the breastís pectoral muscles temporarily lifts breast tissues. This works only for women with smaller breasts.

* Over sweating. It can also be used to treat excessive underarm sweating, as well as within the hands, face and feet.

* Migraine. Through botox injections at the back or side of the head, forehead or brow, migraine can be relieved.

* Golf ball chin. It can relax the muscles of the chin to reduce the dimple giving it the golf ball appearance.

There are many other medical uses of bottom injections and the very fact that it provides relief are reasons for the high bottom injections cost. However, you must still exert effort on your part to assure that the procedures done are safe. There are still treatments using botox that are not yet medically approved by authorities.

Dr Mark Holmes is a doctor with over 10 years experience in plastic surgery. He writes to help patients make informed decisions with his unbiased information. For more information on implants surgery visit
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