Dahon Bikes Represent Great Value For Money

By: David Rambloor | Posted: 08th April 2011

The problem of parking space for vehicles is an acute one in most urban cities.London is no exception and the reasons can be attributed to the huge increase in the number of vehicles on the roads and shrinking real estate spaces available that cannot be set aside as parking lots.The result is that many of us are chary about using our cars and would rather use a bike to commute to office or to run small errands.So the next time you wish to commute, you can take your new Dahon bike and go about your task without having to bother about finding a parking lot.

However,it is not as if this will solve the problem. Getting space to park bikes too is a major issue and since you cannot leave it on the road without proper security,this is also not something you can take for granted.Moreover,rules that prohibit the carriage of bikes in buses and trains have also rendered this option a non starter.After all,how are you supposed to take your bike along for transit journeys if you are not permitted to take them on public transport?

Even if you were allowed to carry your bikes,it is doubtful as to how many of us would use that option since the problem of parking would remain and it is not as if any of us would like to or have enough space to keep the bike in our homes.Keeping it in the apartment block downstairs without proper security is fraught with danger as well.So what is the solution?

Well,the only solution seems to be that of folding Dahon bikes.

Folding bikes or cycles enable you to take them right into your house, to the office and also in public transport.Nobody would even know that you are carrying one and you become your own boss in deciding where and when you wish to ride your bike.There is also no danger of your bike getting stolen as it will always remain within your sight.No longer would you have to go through the apprehension of whether your bike is still at the place where you parked it last.

Now before you start thinking that Dahon bikes would be rickety and tough to manage,rest assured that these bikes not only provide you with great convenience in carrying them but are great to ride as well.The price too is an affordable one and this is one product that gives you the perfect combination of functionality,portability and durability at a reasonable price.

The range that is available is yet another reason as to why you need not have any apprehensions about performance from Dahon bikes.You can always go for a high end bike that not only is high on performance but also very easy to fold and is compact.That is a requirement you will like especially when you have to undertake a lot of transit travel.

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