Peter Orszag: Outside of Work

By: Carl Kalkuvski | Posted: 06th April 2011

Peter Orszag might be one of the most influential and leading economists in the world, but that doesn’t mean his whole life revolves around economics. Instead, Peter Orszag has healthy interests outside of his work and is regularly involved with a number of activities. He takes a huge interest in running marathons, and is also known for his interest in country music. An economist he might be, but his interests keep him amused when he’s not involved with helping fix the world economy.

His interest in running has been around for years, since he was studying at college. He began initially to get some exercise, but since then, Orszag has continued participating in the sport and now runs as a healthy and enjoyable habit. To keep his mind off the world of economics, Orszag would set himself goals of a number of miles at a time and eventually the running helped him gain a healthier grasp on his life. This was all after a doctor had ordered him to make a few healthier changes in his life.

It was after the doctor had told him to make changes in his life that Orszag had started to take running more seriously. Back when he worked at the Brookings, during the time of the Hamilton Project, he used to run back home every night from work, which wasn’t any short of four miles. Soon enough, Orszag was training for the Baltimore Half-Marathon. This was the first time that Orszag ever ran competitively, and since, running competitively has become a hobby for Peter Orszag.

After 2008, Orszag was known for running home from the White House complex on a regular basis, which is thought to be even longer than the distance from his last work place. Orszag has now run a number of half-marathons, as well as three whole marathons during his lifetime. He claism that the proudest moment in his life is when he ran in 2005 for charity, and his daughter had done everything she could to raise the funds. His daughter at just the age of six years old, was able to raise ten thousand dollars towards charity, despite the fact that Orszag didn’t even achieve one of the best times in the marathon.

As for country music, in June 2007, Orszag appeared on CNN, on Lou Dobbs Tonight, paraphrasing a country star’s hit song as a way of challenging Dobbs, who had challenged Orszag’s views about illegal immigrants.

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