Plans for Wooden Toys

By: Jamal Farmer | Posted: 05th April 2011

I'll provideyou the link for the plans for wooden toys at the end of this letter. Thanks for joining in to help! It really doesn't matter to us in Santa's workshop why you decided to help. We're overjoyed you did!
Did you hear about the gift shortfall last year? We had about 32000 letters to Santa that went unanswered. Santa was sodisappointed in all of us. It makes us all sad when he is disappointed. He's usually so jolly....
The plans include blueprints, bills of materials so you know what each one will take, lists of the best tools so you can't go wrong there, and step by step instructions.
Do you have your workbenches set up? You need to have enough room to move around your projects and good light in order to see well. When you paint or stain your projects, you need to make sure you have good air flowso they dry evenly and fumes don't build up, causing a health or fire hazard.
If you want to practice on some larger, probably easier projects, we consider that a good idea. There is much to be said for experience. Toys are a small portion of the plans you get with the project software linked below, so there is bound to be something you would like to use for practice.
Did you say you are a rookie? We can work with that. The plans spell out what you need to do well enough for a beginner or an experienced woodworker. You will learn as you go, but to save headaches and frustration, I suggest you follow the instructionsto the letter. That way you can learn from others' mistakes and do it right the first time. This is a pleasant type of experience.
I do want to suggest one thing - your workspace should be fairly sound proof, at least as far as the neighbors go. You can make a lot of noise in a wood shop, such as the sound of a saw or lathe - or an unfortunate finger and hammer accident.
Don't worry about us keeping up with how you're doing. IfSanta knows when you are sleeping and knows when you're awake, he can also keep an eye on your projects, so we will be in touch when the time comes. We just may have you givethe ones you make to kids you know, so go ahead and make for them. That works very well toward meeting the demandthe right way.
On behalf of Santa and the rest of the crew up here, "Welcome aboard" and we hope you all the best with your projects. Now go to the highlighted text link and get your plans for wooden toys.About the Author
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