A New York Artist In The Country

By: AntonioHicks | Posted: 04th April 2011

What you have here is graffiti. This is what you call ruffiti. There is an artist who loves to paint his dogs on uncontested spaces all over Manhattan from construction site fences to buildings. His hurriedly painted Scottish terrier like canines evoke a gamut of reactions from passers by be they dog lovers or not. More expert paintings information is located at dog portrait artist.

It is not every day that he gets a positive and a negative response for these. These dog images have been in the limelight for a long time. Leading to a seven city tour one summer on Route 66 was the media exposure for his paintings.

In a move to avoid art dealers, he decided to use these spaces as his canvasses. If your purpose for creating art is not monetary, you need not experience dictatorial art dealers. The kinds of artists who want nothing more but to be a household name in the world of art compromise their artistic freedoms.

One day, he had nothing to do, this is where the portraits began. This is truly a unique sight for the eyes. Diversity is a common theme with these works of art. This is an endeavor which he always believed in. Obtain further advice on oil painting discount and the subject of paintings.

Each dog is done with about seven swift strokes with a head, body, tail and four legs. At that time, he says, he was going to a lot of galleries and got tired of looking at paintings that were so wispy and vague. One woman who lives down the street from the gallery had never visited until the artist's dog show. In fact, she bought a $1,500 dog painting from the show.

Some went there but not to spend anything. One avid follower got the artist to sign something for him. There was someone who believed that this was a cult offering of the dogs. Someone said that the dogs are leading to chaos in New York.

As the artist said, the visitors are entitled to their opinion. When he was not painting, he would engage in buying and selling antiques.

When he paints, he uses the things that his eye catches. Most of the time, you will find him around the Wall Street area at night. Usually, he goes to the country during summer. On Route 66, the tour, Dogs across America, passes through.
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