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By: jamalbcc | Posted: 01st April 2011

Alright, I realize you are wondering just what specifically can I do with the Nintendo DSi R4 Card? The list of things you can do are long and varied, we`ll talk about the main features and functions - the things that people like to do most once they have their Nintendo DSi R4 Card.

The Nintendo DSi XL As An e book Reader:
Do you want to get up to date on various e book reading? Yes, thatís right. With the DSi Xl and a Nintendo DSi R4 Card you can read all of your favorite ebooks on your portable game system. If Movies and music were not enough, You can now read all of your favorite eBooks in TXT format right on your DSI or DSi XL. We've all heard of the Kindle and other eBook readers, but the truth is, you already have a very capable eBook reader in the form of your Nintendo DSi XL - and with the Nintendo DSi R4 you'll be able to read all of your eBooks. It`s not at all necessary to buy a dedicated ebook reader - or even a portable DVD player. The Nintendo DSi XL is powerful enough to allow you to do all of those things already - providing you get an DSi R4 Card to enable these functions.

Watch movies:
The Nintendo DSi R4 Card enables you to essentially turn your Nintendo DSi into a full out mobile or portable Movie Player. You'll be able to put your favorite movies, video and TV shows rigth on the microSD Card and watch them on your DSi with the Nintendo DSi R4. By using the video converter software for the Nintendo DSi R4 - included free with your R4 Card, you'll be able to store anywhere from 8-16 full length movies, tv shows and loads of videos. With still enough room for your Music too. The Nintendo DSi R4 card uses state of the art conversion technology to convert movies to play on your DSi system. This is because the resolution on the Nintendo DSi is low enough that you can easily save a lot of space on yoru microSD Card due to the smaller screen size... Making your movies look terrific on your Nintendo DSi XL screen.

Listen To Your Favorite MP3 Songs:
Itís just like an iPod - on Steroids. The Nintendo DSi R4 Card will essentially take your game console and make it a game console AND a portable MP3 Player to boot. Allowing you to store you favorite MP3 Songs on your microSD Card and then listen to themanywhere you are. There are also custom themes for the built in MP3 player in the Nintendo DSi R4 card - transforming the look and feel of it to resemble and iPod on your dual screen system - with full support for playlists and your favorite songs. It's really a fantastic way to rid yourself of the gadget clutter and only take one multi purpose Nintendo DSi XL with you on the god. After all, you can play your games, watch your movies, read your eBooks and listen to your tunes too. The cool part is that you can listen to your MP3's even as your reading an eBook for some multi tasking fun.

If all of this was not enough to have you itching to go out as well as get yourself the Nintendo DSi R4, let's talk a little bit about some games - free games that is. There are thousands and thousands of free to download nintendo dsi homebrew games on the internet. These games were made by homebrew game developers and also they actually WANT you to download as well as play them. They don't cost any money, and a lot of the games are at par with - as well as sometimes better than - commercial games that you can find in any game store.
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