The Amazing HTC Incredible S-The Most User Friendly Handset To Date

By: erosher | Posted: 30th March 2011

The New Incredible S handset from HTC may win many fans for its great screen or gorgeous looks, but when it comes to actually using the phone, the excellent Sense user interface that has been developed by HTC makes it a very logical yet enjoyable experience thanks to features that enhance yet simplify the whole experience.

Many aspects of the Sense UI are well known. Friendstream for example is already a huge success with consumers thanks to its excellent collaboration of social networking feeds, placing everything in one place to save the users accessing various applications. Other features however are less well documented, yet are just as important to the phones operation. Take the Leap View for example. With Android 2.3 offering 7 homescreens for an array of widgets, features and shortcuts, it is not too difficult to scroll through these screen to find the one you desire. What does make more "sense" however is a single screen offering a simple overview of all available homescreens, leaving you the simple task of selecting the one you require. This is what the Leap View brings to the phone, along with other similar facilities. Smartphones have incorporated proximity sensors for some time now. These are present to enable the screen to lock during a call, thus preventing the touch sensitive buttons being accidentally pressed. HTC have found another use for this sensor with the flip to silence function. If you are having a meal, or in a meeting and your phone rings, simply turning it over so the screen is facing downwards will silence the call. A simple yet potentially useful feature.

Thanks to great connectivity features found on modern phones, including the HTC Incredible S, the average handset is now used for a variety of task not normally associated with a mobile phone. One such task is navigation, with phones being used as the very latest satellite navigation systems. Senses works well in this area. Not only does it give you a map which can pinpoint your exact location, but this map also incorporates a compass so you also know which direction you need to travel. If you are using the maps to navigate whilst in the car, there is a nice feature that enables you to skip ahead of your actual location to see what turns are coming up in the future, rather than seeing just what your next manouvere will be. This could be especially useful whilst waiting at a red light for example.

It is easy to look at the glossy features a phone has to offer, but it is simple yet excellent systems such as the Sense UI that make models such as the Incredible S a real joy to use.

The HTC Incredible S and the Orange San Francisco White are available now.
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