Everything You Ought To Know About Film Making In Vancouver

By: Sarah Jose | Posted: 30th March 2011

People who are interested in film making can join a course in Vancouver. There are various courses which they offer from Animation, visual effects, digital design, Film and TV acting, Film production, sound design, Make up etc. There are many famous directors, actors, cameraman you graduated from Vancouver. There are many popular film Institutes in Vancouver that fulfills the dreams of people who are passionate about film making. Since 1999, many youngsters have graduated from Vancouver and made a name in this field.

Here are a few steps that involve in film making:
• Step 1: An idea has to be thought around which a story will be developed.

• Step 2: Once the concept has been decided, the script writer has to write the screenplay and then dialogues has to be developed for each scene. Once the screenplay is developed, each scene is discussed with crew members so that if changes are required it can be done then and there.

• Once the script is ready, you need a producer who can finance the film. The production company will decide whether they will finance the movie after listening to the script. Once the production company is finalized, you have to work on the move characters.

• Film director has to select actors based on the requirement of the character. Film director should take special attention when selecting the cast and crew members for the film.

• Once you have finalized the character actors, you have to look for locations where the film has to be shot. Based on the scene, locations are selected. Once the locations are finalized, film director should make a schedule of timings for each scene and organize them. Once the timing is set up, they can give call sheet to all the people involved in the movie from cameraman, technicians, actors, spot boy, dance director etc.

• After location are finalized, it is important to select the equipments required while making the film. Most of the time, equipments are selected based on the budget of the film.

• Once everything is in place, acting work is started.
If you want to set up a career in film making, it would be better if you join a course in Vancouver. It would be better if you learn the techniques of film making before making it big. Only if you get a proper training in film making, you will be able to survive in this field. Making a film is not a layman’s job, it includes screen writing, production, directing, acting, editing and so on. You can either go in for a diploma or certificate courses in filmmaking.

Stages in filmmaking:
1. Development
2. Pre-production
3. Production
4. Post-production
5. Distribution

Huge amount goes in making a single film. In the past, it was very difficult for directors to get producers. But with times, mindset of people has changed. Nowadays, many corporate houses have opened up production house where they are in look out for good script. If they find a good script they are ready to invest money in that film. They think a good script can mint money for them.

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