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By: Dean | Posted: 29th March 2011

Most people in your neighborhood and all around the world has a home phone plan that doesnít quiet fit there needs, they call local and long distance even when they are unsure of how much it actually costs per month, so in this article we are going to take a look at what plan you are on also are you getting the best value and is that home phone plan meeting your needs.

Although nearly every house hold has a phone most people donít take notice of how much it is costing them to call friends and family in Australia, USA, Canada where ever it may be which result in the phone bill being outrageously expensive and thatís not what we want , that plan is definitely not meeting our needs and thatís because the lack of attention thatís paid to what plan and service we are on.

If you love to talk for hours to friends and family over seas several times per week it would be a bad idea to get a home phone plan that only has great calling deals in your country, it will be more wise to opt with a home phone plan that has unlimited calling to whomever country you desire to call whether it be day or night.

If you just talk often to your friends and family in the same county then it would be wise to opt for a home plan that has great deals for calling in your country, and for you who only talk a few hourly per month a home phone plan with good call per minute rates would be perfect for you and so on and so forth.

Getting the best value for a home plan is quiet simple most telecom providers have package or combo deals that combine your phone plan and internet , the prices for these deals vary from place to place but remember to keep in mind we are focusing on a plan that meets your needs, from time to time your telecom provider will offer you deals which is great if you need them, for example if they offered a great home phone plan that met your needs then fantastic but donít just take on extra services from your telecom provider if you donít need them, focus on what you need which is a great home phone plan.

Finding the plan that meets your needs can be simple, get out your last months phone bill take a look at your usage where were you calling, how long you were talking and if you were calling day or night were you calling mobile phones a lot etc.

Taking all the information in and really analyzing it can make a big difference, it gives you the insight of how you are actually using your phone it can show you if your current home phone plan is right for you or not , now you know your needs are its time to go find the home phone plan that meets them if your current telecom provider can't meet your needs then it time to find a better company for you.

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