East Asian International Packages of DISH Network

By: MichaelWilliam | Posted: 25th March 2011

Are you passionate about East Asian entertainment? DISH Network presents a wide array of East Asian Packages for its spectators in USA. DISH Network provides East Asian International Packages including Chinese Pack, Korean Pack, Filipino Pack, Japanese Pack, Taiwanese Pack and Vietnamese Pack.

DISH Network Chinese Pack

DISH TV offers its patrons the most comprehensive selection of Chinese TV that includes 5 CCTV channels, 14 provincial TV channels directly from Mainland China and 3 TV channels from Hong Kong and other parts of the world. DISH Network offers Great Wall TV Package @ $22.99/month, presented in 100% digital quality. This incredible package of DISH TV includes some of the very best entertainment channels from CCTV, a variety of provincial channels from mainland China and a number of channels provided by partners beyond China. DISH Network also presents Chinese Elite Pack, featuring the most popular Mainland Chinese channels at $19.99/month. Chinese Elite Pack provides some of the most wanted Chinese channels that bring you the latest news, hottest drama, movies and entertainment shows, all in 100% digital quality.

DISH Network Korean Pack

DISH Network brings you a wide variety of Korean TV channels broadcasting the hottest drama, most up-to-date news and entertaining TV shows directly from Korea. Korean Tiger Pack of DISH TV at $19.99/month is a comprehensive entertainment package presenting news, current events, religious channels, children's programming, documentaries, travelogues, latest movies, music, games and now 24-hour golf coverage with the Golf Channel.

DISH TV Filipino Pack

DISH Network brings you a wide selection of Filipino TV channels, offering hottest drama, most up-to-date news and entertaining shows directly from Phillippines. Pinoy Mega Package of Filipino showcases a wide variety of Filipino programming starting from sports and news to movies and music. This package includes the top Filipino channels for the whole family to enjoy at $24.99 per month. GMA PINOY package of Filipino at $19.99/month includes a range of Filipino channels featuring top-rated news, games shows, sitcoms, soap operas, talk shows and Filipino music from AM and FM radio.

DISH Network Japanese Pack

DISH Network gives you the best Japanese TV programming for USA customers. DISH TV brings you the hottest drama, most up-to-date news and entertaining shows directly from Japanese TV. With TV Japan package of DISH Network @ $24.99 per month, you can enjoy your favorite Japanese programming, including exclusive Sumo Wrestling tournament coverage. TV JAPAN also provides Japanese Americans with premium Japanese television including top-quality broadcasts from NHK and other major networks in Japan. You can enjoy live news, documentaries, dramas, sports, variety shows, children's programming and other popular NHK programs from TV JAPAN.

DISH Network Taiwanese Pack

DISH Network channels brings you the best selection of Taiwanese TV channels offering 18 of the most popular TV channels from Taiwan including 2 exclusive ETTV channels, CTV, SETi and other popular channels. DISH Network provides you the most top-rated Taiwanese channels in one package. Taiwanese Mega Pack of DISH TV @ $29.99 per month offers 17 fantastic Chinese channels delivered in 100% digital quality, bringing you the top-notch political talk shows, news, entertainment shows, hottest drama, movies and children's programming directly from Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and other regions 24 hours a day. DISH Network also presents Taiwanese Elite Pack at $19.99/month featuring a 100% Taiwanese TV service. Taiwanese Elite Pack offers the top 5 Taiwanese channels to bring you the latest news coverage, comprehensive point of views from different political parties, hottest dramas and most exciting variety shows, all in 100% digital quality.

DISH Network Vietnamese Pack

DISH Network also gives you the best in Vietnamese TV entertainment by presenting the hottest drama, most up-to-date news, traditional as well as modern Vietnamese music and entertaining shows through DISH Network Vietnamese TV package.

Grab any of these East Asian entertainment packages of DISH Network and get the feel of your homeland while staying in USA.

DISH Network provides a wide array of East Asian Packages for its spectators in USA. DISH Network packages have been devised in such a way that these cater to the viewers of all tastes.
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