Filming In Chicago - An Exciting Venture

By: | Posted: 25th March 2011

Filming in Chicago is an exciting venture. There are a number of different projects that have been filmed in Chicago over the past few years. Michael Mann was filming Public Enemies a few years ago in Chicago. This period piece is very much like the film Chasing Eliot Ness which is slated to be filmed in Chicago. There are other films that have been filmed in Chicago as well. The Transformers was filmed last summer in Chicago and was a big hit in the motion picture studios.

It is not only big named films that have been on the screen in Chicago. Green screen Chicago means that even commercials and TV shows are filmed in this part of the country. As a matter of fact, Chicago has been home to many different videos and movies throughout the years. There have been and still are countless television programs filmed right in the heart of Chicago. While the TV shows come and go, the studios remain and are usually taken over by another production company. Green screen Chicago is one of the venues where videos are filmed.

In recent years, filming in Chicago has moved up from being only for period pieces where parts of Chicago are filmed to add authenticity to the piece. This was done in The Untouchables, where only two short scenes were filmed on LaSalle Street, while the rest of the film was shot in Hollywood. Not so with Backdraft, which was filmed almost in entirety in Chicago. In recent years, there are more studios so that movies that are filmed in Chicago stay in Chicago and do not come in to wreak havoc for a day or so and then go away. They have studios where they can film as well as access to the local attractions that give the film more authenticity. It is still true that when filming in Chicago, most of the scenes that are shot indoors are shot on sets. This does not mean that the set has to be in California, however, as there are not many soundstages and movie sets right in the city of Chicago itself.

When using green screen Chicago, you can see what you can get when it comes to movie sets and other aspects of filming that are needed including post production. Just as it is when you are filing anywhere else, you also have to take into account post production when you are filming in Chicago. You want to use a studio that has a firm grasp on the value of this type of production so that they can make sure you have a quality finished product.

Instead of filming in Los Angeles, many are now filming in Chicago. This is not just done for location purposes anymore but because it is cheaper and there are many opportunities to get everything that the film needs in order to be successful. From period pieces to those that have nothing to do with Chicago, an increasing number of directors and producers are finding the value of filming in Chicago.

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