Skin Beauty- Things that can Damage Skin

By: leenakiri | Posted: 23rd March 2011

Your skin is the largest organ in the body that acts as a shield or shield against various diseases and environmental aggressions environment (temperature, sunlight, etc.).

Although the skin is tough, there are actions can weaken and even make it look bad. Below are several of these damaging actions skin.

1 - Press the acne pimples and pimple
Although it is tempting to think that squeezing the grains, they heal faster the reality is different. This action is pushing the dirt back inside the skin which can lead to scarring.

Importantly, it can be tightened from time to when a black dot on the nose, but no pimples.

2 - Attend a tanning session
An artificial tanning, either fast or slow, you can damage your skin. Like the sun, artificial tanning equipment, beds and sun lamps emit ultraviolet rays can cause burns, premature aging and skin cancers, especially if you are of those People who produce less melanin.

3 - Smoking
You've heard about the risks of smoking (Such as lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema) However, what has not noticed that the skin of older smokers tend to have a yellowish color? With sun exposure, the snuff is the highest factor in wrinkling. In other words, smoking ages the skin.

This is because nicotine is in cigarette smoke causes the small blood vessels and capillaries the skin to constrict reducing the flow of oxygen in the skin which is needed to create and maintain healthy skin cells.

4 - Consuming too much vitamin A
You may have heard that vitamin A helps to heal acne. However, excessive consumption of this vitamin in supplement form can be hazardous to health as it accumulates in the liver.

It is best to get vitamin A by eating food as green leafy vegetables (like spinach and watercress) and orange (as sweet potato, squash and carrots).

Because of this, no derivatives are safe vitamin A to treat acne - Acutance topical and oral retinoid

5 - Perform dismemberment or chemical skin peel
The dismemberment and chemical skin peels, mainly dark-skinned people, can cause the formation of stretch marks or uneven skin pigmentation.

6 - Apply topical steroids on the face
Many people go to a pharmacy to buy cream or ointment containing topical steroids when they a rash or itching.

However, should not become a regular habit, and these can cause acne and cause skin to thin wasting collagen.

7 - Using mysterious
While television advertising is repeatedly indicating that a product is miraculous for this or that ailment skin (hair, stretch marks, among others), it is best not acquire, because it may contain ingredients not very safe and even toxic.

8 - Do not look in the mirror constantly
If you are in treatment for acne, you should know that will improve during the night but rather is a process that takes time.

If you look in the mirror constantly, or it can be seen extended defects - real or imaginary which may cause stress and damages further condition of your skin.

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