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By: Jammy Jackson | Posted: 23rd March 2011

You are done with your high school studies. I am sure you would pass a sigh of relief. All the late night long studies, preparing hard to secure high scores in your board exams to secure a seat in one of the top colleges and do the best courses and become professionals in that particular field and realizing your dreams has become a reality and is just one step away from you.

You need to decide upon which course to study henceforth, which college suits your requirements in a efficient way, how its faculties are etc. Well I am well aware of the fact that when it comes to decision making towards the college your parents would provide you with the best source of guidance and help you towards decision making. However, they might not know about tom, dick and harry about your syllabus and the best books you could afford to buy for it. You are now an adult and you should be aware of what is good enough for you and probably you could use the advice of experts and other teachers. I am sure a phone call would suffice even if you are not able to meet them in person. They would give you all the details regarding which books are prescribed as per your syllabus, which books are best as guides or for reference.

However considering, the amount of finance you invest into your college education might be huge, considering the hostel fees, lunch fees and other miscellaneous, you might have to save some money for your daily expenses and even work part time to earn those expenses. Most of these books are priced quite high as they are valued a lot in the market thanks to its reputation when you buy them in the whole sale market. These books range from different kinds of engineering text books, economics and accountancy textbooks, medical textbooks, mathematics textbooks, chemistry, physics and biology related textbooks etc. In general books covered by educational institutionís syllabus catering several fields and professions.

These textbooks basically come in two varieties. Prescribed ones and local author ones. Local author textbooks can be used for reference purposes though I would advise you to follow prescribed books to understand better and gain more knowledge into your subjects. Prescribed books can be expensive as mentioned earlier. You can go for their international editions. International editions are photo copies of the prescribed ones with slightly lower paper quality but with actual precise contents. You can also go for cheap 2nd hand textbooks. However the only concern with 2nd hand textbooks is their conditions. They can miss certain pages, they can be smudged and torn and in general fall apart as we use them. International editions are quite new and sold in very good conditions.

All these books are sold online at cheaper prices which make a great deal for budget constraints of several students. You can order them in bulk for a group of people and get bigger discounts. They will be delivered to you and prices may include shipping charges which is negligibly smaller.

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