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By: Maria Backer | Posted: 23rd March 2011

Maintenance of an accurate, clean and updated consumer and business database is essential if you do not want to cause damages to your business. The process of maintaining a clean and updated database is referred to as data cleansing or data scrubbing. If you have a business or company based in the UK or offshore, take advantage of the high quality services Phruit Limited offer.

Phruit is a highly reputed Call Centre agency that offers high quality services in Lead Generation, Data Cleansing, Market Research, Telesales and Hot Key Transfers. If you find that your company’s consumer and business database is all cluttered, unorganised, inaccurate, be sure to look into the Data Cleansing service that Phruit offer.

Know about Refresh

The Data Cleansing service from Phruit Limited is referred to as Refresh; as the name suggests, this service is able to provide you a database that is refreshed and updated with all the accurate information. This service from Phruit uses the leading data sources and a number of proprietary services for giving you a highly improved, updated and accurate database.

'Refresh Clean' plays the role of cleaning and updating the names, addresses, telephone numbers and other contact details of consumers and businesses in your database. This will enable all your communications to be personalised and also accurate.

'Refresh Validate' makes sure that every business and individual contact detail in your database is current and accurate. This service lets you know that the direct mail is deliverable.

'Refresh Enhance' efficiently narrows down the information to ensure that the right offers are made to the specific individuals only.

'Refresh Suppress' is another Data Cleansing service from Phruit that has expertise in identification of the businesses and individuals who show no interest in your products and services and do not want to respond to all the communications that you are trying to make. This comes in use with customer annoyance and wastage costs issues.

'Refresh Match' is another service from Phruit that helps in locating the duplicate records. With this service, further decrease in customer annoyance and wastage costs is possible.

Why Refresh?

The Refresh services from Phruit Limited never let your business and consumer database lose its fresh feel. These services get rid of all the adverse effects on marketing response rates, campaigning costs, and even consumer perception. The services are well planned and designed for reducing costs, improving efficiency, getting rid of all risk factors and ensuring that all the communications follow the recent regulations governing the business as well as consumer communications.

Representatives at Phruit Limited are well trained and they know just how to go about their jobs, offering you the best of services possible. Phruit's Refresh team works hard and makes all the efforts to provide you a positive output. Make the most of Phruit's services; after all, it will be highly challenging to find another company that offers services which can be matched with Phruit’s.

Phruit Limited provides its exceptional services in Market Research, Lead Generation, Data Cleansing, Hot Key Transfer and Telesales. The company offers all its UK based clients quality services by utilising cost effective methods.
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