Charlie Sheen strikes back!

By: thisishiral | Posted: 23rd March 2011

Charlie Sheen reacts after being fired from Two and a Half Men
Charlie Sheen is on fire as he blasted on his ex producers of ‘Two & a half Men’ as had suddenly decided to terminate the bad boy of Hollywood on Monday noon.
The star said that he was very irate on his former bosses of Warner Bros television as they did not call him nor inform for courtesy sake of their long relationship. The angry young man came to know about this through the means of technology, the actor received some text regarding the news.
The actor is really upset with the incident; Charlie Sheen had added a business of 5 billion to the shows account according to our history of latest celebrity news. He was the one who got ‘two & half men’ to the peak of popularity. Charlie Sheen feels that the producers are spineless & have back stabbed him big time! Charlie Sheen also feels that the producers should be really ashamed of themselves as they have broken his trust & fallen in his eyes. Sheen wants to make them realize what they have done is wrong.
Charlie Sheen is really hurt because of the incident & is very upset on his ex bosses. Charlie Sheen feels he was never understood by his former producers, the actor said that now that they have lost him they will soon realize his value & would regret this incidence. The hurt actor has more things to worry about like the custody of his twin kids Bob & Max; the actor is in great pain as their custody has gone to their mother. The actor was refused for the custody because of his drug abuse cases & bad behaviour.
Charlie Sheen though plans to strike back his producers by taking the required legal action. The inner lion has woken up & is ready for its kill. The actor is extremely disappointed by the childish behavior of his producers & finds them to be silly. The actor is geared up to take their case & this would be the next latest celebrity news. Charlie Sheen’s life is going on a roller coaster ride as the actor gets caught up in some or the other controversy. The spiced life of Charlie Sheen can be caught on twitter as well as the star has recently started his twitter account. The star has over millions of followers & so has got great response from the celeb friendly social networking site. Stay with us to know what’s will be the next move of the Hollywood trouble man Charlie Sheen.
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