Make a Smart Move to a Phone Answering Service

By: Satya Narayan | Posted: 16th March 2011

In business you have to spend money to make money. If one of the things you are thinking about spending money on is a phone answering service, here are some ways it can benefit your business.

Speak to a Person - A phone answering service is a great way to offer current and potential customers a personal touch instead of voice mail. Most phone answering services can answer all your business calls, only the calls when no one is in the office or those calls that come in after regular business hours and/or on the weekend. A phone answering service provides 24/7 coverage 365 days of the year so customers can speak to a live person.

Meet Your Needs - Many phone answering services offer a variety of support functions, such as multi-lingual call-answering and/or translation options. You also can find phone answering services that specialize in small-business needs and within specific industries such as law or the medical field.

Make Money Yes, make money. Not only can you reduce your infrastructure and salary expenses when you use a phone answering service, but agents answering your calls ensure messages immediately get to the right person to take care of the concern or close the sale. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising, and if your phone answering service ensures customer satisfaction, word -- and referrals -- will spread.

Test the Waters - Check to see if the move to a phone answering service is the right one for your business. Route just some of your calls initially to get a feel for how the service handles them. A week of the phone answering service covering lunch-time calls should give you a better idea of long-term benefits.

Budget for Call Volume - A phone answering service can work with you to determine what your call volume is and how long each call takes. An accurate number helps you budget for the expense. The phone answering service can also identify any high-volume times -- like holidays or certain seasons -- when you need additional help.

Consider the business benefits of using a phone answering service to handle your calls. It can be a smart way to spend money so you can make money. See if a phone answering service can help your business grow.

Judy O'Brien is a freelance writer for Alert Communications, which offers a variety of small business answering services solutions, Phone answering services and virtual receptionist services. For more information on Los Angeles answering service visit our website.
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