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By: Janny | Posted: 15th March 2011

Sky Anytime plus VOD Service is Sky’s newest addition to its services, and certainly the most revolutionary yet. The Video On Demand service allows customers to download movies and television programmes within seconds, and watch to their hearts’ content. Customers simply need to have Sky broadband, as the service is brought to your Sky HD box by an Ethernet connection. The programming is shown in standard definition, and will keep you entertained for hours simply for the sheer amount available.

The system is revolutionary for the unbelievably fast download speed of films, taking only 20 seconds on average to download an average length film. Trailers can be watched before you decide to download a film, and on top of this, downloads can be queued and ordered in terms of priority. This fantastic service gives you complete control over your television experience, thanks to the technology of the Sky Anytime plus VOD Service.

Sky Anytime plus VOD service makes it easy to find the film of television show you want, with content divided up by genre and channel. This means that you can simply decide what mood you are in and choose a film to suit this by genre, as well as searching for the exact movie you had in mind. The Sky remote is designed to make searching all the easier with alphabet characters on the remote.

Further to this, the Sky Anytime plus VOD Service is so comprehensive because you can even continue to download your television programmes while the box is on standby. This means that you do not have to leave the system on and waste power, as well as the fact that you can leave movies to download overnight, ready for the next day.

Another huge advantage of the Sky Anytime plus VOD Service is that people who already have Sky HD boxes need not worry about buying new ones just to keep up with all the changes. Sky are sending out a background over-the-air update so that all boxes will automatically update to the Sky Anytime plus VOD Service. This means you do not need to spend any extra money, or go to any hassle to make sure your existing box is up to date.

The benefit of taking the Sky Anytime plus VOD Service is that it comes with Sky broadband unlimited. This means that both when you surf the internet, or download movies to the Sky Anytime plus VOD Service, your downloads are unlimited so you can download as much material as you want. This means if you are taking a movie package from Sky TV, you can go on to download as much VOD content as you want.

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