What Color of Power Rangers Do You Support?

By: mosphiren | Posted: 15th March 2011

Boasting of a successful run of 19 television seasons, Power Rangers certainly seems to possess the power that catches the eye of millions of audience worldwide. This television series was initially created with children as the target viewers, but even the creators were taken by surprise, when it achieved a cult status with one and all. Power Rangers never fails to come up with a twist in its episodes.
What makes it different from other action shows that are aired on American television is the marvelous fact, that it is a whole new production with an all-new star cast and footage. All this has been deftly blended in with original Japanese footage. Power Rangers are the usual guys-next-door, who metamorphoses into grand Superheroes.
As you watch Power Rangers online, you realize that the heroes are distinct in terms of the color they wear. The most basic of these colors codes are red, yellow and blue. The Power Rangers are all gifted with superhuman abilities and own high-tech arsenal that reminds you of the various action games doing the rounds. Power Rangers stun you with their skills with swords, laser guns and even canons!
Don’t forget to check out their motorcycles that make for perfect mean machines. The series has seen an evolving story line, with each of its individual seasons and a gradually changing cast. Viewers enjoy it for its innovative visuals and coming of age futuristic technology. Do tune-in to watch the amazing Power Rangers online.
The series retells the epical good vs. evil battle, albeit with a futuristic take. You would surely identify with the storyline, as the Rangers try to make life better for other beings, overcoming everyday hurdles. They are exposed to the continuous threat of getting attacked by ‘minions’ or ‘footsoldiers,’ sent in by their enemies. The malicious enemies make for perfect opponents, who try to make minions grow to huge numbers. You would come across these evil forms, while you watch Power Rangers episodes online.
Take on your favorite Power Rangers color as you immerse yourself in the purposeful color riot of this team of Super Heroes. Check out how the Rangers resolve the new dilemmas that they are presented with, in every new episode.
The series is loved by one and all for its changing storyline and different starts in each different season. It is such a big hit that people keenly wait for its new seasons. You must have come across people in merchandise based on the show, proudly walking the neighborhood lanes. Even the previous Power Rangers episodes are lapped up by fans over the internet, or during repeat telecasts. Such is the magic of this series. So, go ahead and let the colors spellbind you!
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