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By: Softwarebazar | Posted: 14th March 2011

These days, many wireless providers are selling BlackBerrys handsets at an attractive discount price with a view to attract a number of customers. The loss in terms of the customer discounts is then made in terms of lifetime of the contract signed by the customer. In order to protect the profits, the wireless providers set a of subsidy locks into each BlackBerry. Due to this lock, the BlackBerry is prevented from being used on another provider's network. Read on how to use BlackBerry unlock software.

Basically, there are three popular methods to remove the subsidy code and to unlock the BlackBerry. The first way is to call your wireless carrier that will tell you your unlock code if you require it. Usually, these requirements include a customer for a minimum amount of time and also the condition that you have paid for your account. Many wireless providers do not charge for this service.

Another way of unlocking the subsidy code is calculating the unlock code from the IMEI number of the BlackBerry. Many small companies run websites where by entering your IMEI number you can receive an unlock code by paying a small fee. On the other hand, some wireless providers assign the unlock codes randomly to each phone and store the results in a database. In case you are looking for effective tools to enhance the performance of your smartphone you can try visiting our download mobile software, section.

You may also use Blackberry Unlocking Software to unlock the subsidy. These are specialized software that exists and can be easily purchased to erase the subsidy locking lode from GSM BlackBerry phones. Installing these software on the PC is also very simple by plugging your BlackBerry into its docking cradle or into a USB sync cable.
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