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By: Graffitti Studio | Posted: 11th March 2011

Since e-learning has transformed in a common interactive educational method, Graffitti Studio specializes in its voice over aspects.
E-learning voiceovers are of great importance both for the users and producers, engaged in e-learning industry.
E-learning voice overs have been established as practically useful especially when dealing with visually challenged people or children yet unable to read. It is a priviledge of the right E-learning voiceovers that they can reach its audience in a very spontaneous way. There is no boredom or sighs of relief, when a properly chosen voice is explaining or narrating. Many E-learning projects succeed just because of its strong e-learning voice over support. For sometimes captivating the targeted audience with the right tone, pace, speed and diction guarantees high sells.

E-learning voice over services in 40 European languages can be found at Graffitti Studio’s webpage, just by clicking.: http://www.graffittistudio.com/en/e-learning-voice-over.html Multiple choice is available as well as male or female E-learning voice over samples. For meeting the needs of its clients Graffitti Studio suggests wide range of E-learning voice over services:

 E-learning voice casting
 Foreign language e-learning voice over recording
 Distance education e-learning voice over
 Corporate e-learning voice over recording
 Foreign language courses e-learning voice over recording
 Training video e-learning voice over recording and so on

Grafitti studio faces all the stages of E-learning voiceovers production: from casting the appropriate e-learning voice over talents and correct reading of the script to the final record of top rated e-learning voice overs. Regarding the e-learning course model Graffitti Studio does not limit itself, but cooperates with all kinds e-learning plans.
Grafitti Studio collaborates with over 1000 professional male and female native speaking voice over talents for professional e-learning voice over recording. According to some researches mixing both female and male e-learning voice over in narration is a formula for keeping the interest of the listener alive.
E-learning voice over recording is being created in acoustically tested studios. All of them are supplied with modern equipment and devices for voice-over recording. The e-learning voice over production is being monitored by the sound engineers, working for Graffitti Studio. Whether Grafitti Studio can contribute to your individual, academic or corporate e-learning project? Check for more information here: www.graffittistudio.com

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