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By: runforrestrun | Posted: 11th March 2011

Leonardís success was been known since last summer when his autobiography I am one of them was published in Canada. It was a story of a business man in his 50s, who has mounted the peak of his career. A great number of outstanding businessmen and those who are still striving for their success are attracted by the glamour of this book, which became the best seller shortly after the publication. Some people think this is a legend for men while other hold the story is just one the ordinary successful story.

One of the readers of I am one of them wrote a review reads the author Leonard is enjoying his fortune in the business world and that is what he deserves. Leonardís story is an impulse for those who believe success is not far away and can be achieved by ordinary people. Obviously, this book sets a nice example and encourages young people to seek their own fortune in anything. However, another read Lesley think this story seems a bit old-fashioned to the modern reader, and at first he may regard it merely as a short story about a business man.

Well, I have to stop that nonsense now. Letís see how Leonard gets his success. In Leonardís successful business career, he rose to the top of the executive ladder with his great effort, made lots of money and enjoyed an opulent lifestyle. He was not widely known by us for his immediate sphere of influence until his autobiography I am one of them. Anyway, his impact has been felt. He is successful and he is a leader now.

In this book, Leonard mentioned that his bosses once praised his leadership in communication and social activities. He has an unspeakable ability to make his workforce convinced by his good humor and cheerful disposition. Do you know, he was working for a group of people who was younger than him? Leonard confessed later in the book, he really thanked for these peopleís guidance and mentorship. In Leonardís former company which deals with electronics productions, his team was always the first one to win the first place in competition and once got the most sales volume of lithium battery. According to his leading and effort in team building, a lot of clients rushed to his company and became loyal clients of his company.

Later, about 5 year ago, he left this company, reclined the extra pay rise offered by CEO, and set up his own company in another city. Having much experience of this electronic field, Leonard felt less hard to start his own business with his wisdom and effort. Nowadays, he has opened 5 chain stores in Canada and one of which offers DIY service and assistance for customers. They can make stylish electronic production and electronic accessories themselves in that store. Youngsters, especially girls like to make their own iphone cases there with their pretty photos.

This successful story is still on his Leonardís life, perhaps it is the start.
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