Why Blackberry Messenger Will Help Your Small Business

By: McMurray | Posted: 09th March 2011

Chances are you might have noticed many people saying the term "BBM". What they're referring to is Blackberry's instant messaging service Blackberry Messenger.

Blackberry Messenger, or BBM, allows Blackberry users to instant message contacts in real time provided that both the users have traded PIN's or shared barcodes.

A person's PIN is a unique, eight-digit code allocated to your Blackberry. Your barcode is a one-of-a-kind block barcode image that when ever scanned by another user’s Blackberry, exchanges your main contact information with each other.

And in the event that you haven’t noticed, Blackberry Messenger is exceedingly popular amongst teens and twenty somethings. In reality, Blackberry Messenger is one of the main factors that Research in Motion is in a position to hang on to its non-enterprise demographic and for a lot of folks the single thing stopping them from moving over to Apple's iPhone.

However Blackberry Messenger is not merely for being social. It is also a effective resource for business purposes also.

The following are a number of very good reasons why Blackberry Messenger can aid you within your small business with regards to to getting work handled and decisions reached.

For one thing, Blackberry Messenger helps make correspondence as fast and efficient as feasible. Simply put, BBM is definitely the swiftest tactic to send a message to someone using your Blackberry. Instead of creating a new email or text message, you just pick out a person's name in BBM and start typing. They will receive your content more or less right away.

Moreover Blackberry Messenger is a "real-time" connection. Each and every message you transmit and acquire does not create a brand new incidence within your ‘Messages’ inbox. Instead you watch as the discussion unfolds in real time.

Another reason BBM is admired is its message status and verification icons. As you distribute a correspondence in BBM, you notice a “D” icon conveying your content is sent. There is no wondering about if your contact actually received your important information. Blackberry Messenger informs you.

And as soon as your content is actually checked by the receiver, the “D” transforms to a “R” specifying your communication is actually looked at. This provides satisfaction knowing your colleague or staff has examined your correspondence, above all in last minute scenarios.

On top of that, BBM will provide you with the ability to access workers with out depending on a computer or email program. That means if your computer crashes or email fails, you still have a way to keep in contact and make sure decisions are getting made.

And yet undoubtedly one of the leading features when considering Blackberry Messenger for business is your ability to build groups. Making a group for your business lets you to correspond inside a common space as a company. You can just find your organization's group, start typing and everyone gets it right away. This is helpful for collaboration and receiving a rapid consensus on items especially if not all office personnel are employed in the same place.

Finally, BBM is under the radar. In the event you prefer to have a chat with anyone “offline”, Blackberry Messenger is a great option. In contrast to email which results in a paper trail, BBM supplies a secure connection on RIM’s encoded network whenever a discussion has been closed, there is no message history kept.

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