The Amazing Galaxy S2 From Samsung - A New High Specification Smartphone

By: erosher | Posted: 09th March 2011

One of the biggest selling Android smart phones to date has been the Samsung Galaxy S. Looking to follow in its footsteps is the Galaxy S2, Samsungs follow up model that looks equally as impressive, if not more so thanks to a super slim profile and top of the range specification.

When using the Samsung Galaxy S2 for the first time, it is surprising how compact the device feels, despite its large 4.3" display. With overall measurements of just 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm, the striking element is just how slim the phone is, infact it is the slimmest currently available. Coupled with a weight of just 116 grammes, the phone is a joy to use, even if the lack of bulk does make the phone feel a little on the cheap side. Web connectivity is well covered. When a suitable network is available, WiFi offers the best online experience, with all three recognized speeds of Wireless LAN all supported. Whilst on the move, connection to the 3G networks maintains this experience, offering great download speeds. A combination of these service together with a super fast 1Ghz dual core processor offer an unrivalled satisfaction in use. Multi tasking is handled easily and every element from gaming to e mailing benefits from the general speed of the S2. The 4.3" screen on this model uses the very latest Super AMOLED+ technology, giving a similar 480 x 800 resolution to its predecessor, but in this instance with better colour reproduction thanks to improved contrast ratios.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 uses the Android operating system favoured my many smart phone lovers. The time the system is present in it latest 2.3 version, meaning the phone is very much offering the latest technology available. Like on previous models, Samsung have included their own TouchWiz user interface which attempts to simplify the general use of this phone. Applications can be grouped together by type, whilst your most frequently used contacts can be added directly to the homescreen. As a multi media tool, the Galaxy S2 really does surpass all expectations. Plenty of Full HD 1080P video footage can be stored on the large capacity 16GB of internal storage capacity. If you would prefer still images, then photographs are shot at 8 mega pixel quality, with an autofocus helping to keep the images looking crystal clear.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 really is the complete mobile phone package, offering something for everyone, no matter what your demands are. If you loved the Galaxy S, then you will adore the S2 with its more impressive looks and more satisfying performance.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Motorola Xoom are coming soon.
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