Broadband Providers UK and what they have to offer

By: Paulrowley | Posted: 09th March 2011

AOL is best known as a family friendly Internet Service Provider because it offers parental control software plus anti virus protection and a free wireless router. They offer two broadband packages and you can choose to bundle it with your home phone calls or an inclusive line rental deal. There are different lengths of contracts available too so you can choose the best one for you. Bundles will help you to save more money and manage them much better.

Sky are popular for their television service but they also offer broadband and home phone deals too. Their free broadband deals can be combined with other services so it is the UKís only truly unlimited package. Their speeds go up to 20 Mb and there are different ones for different types of internet users.

If you are looking for a much faster Broadband connection then it may be best going with Virgin Media. They have super fast speeds of up to 50 Mb which is the fastest in the UK at the moment. This is because they use a fibre optic cable network instead. They also have on offer the widest range of products from one ISP, such as digital television, home phone, line rental, mobile phone contracts and mobile broadband. You can bundle these to save you more money. They have an unlimited broadband package too subject to fair usage policies.

PlusNet always does well in customer satisfaction polls as their connection is very reliable and fast. The prices are very affordable too and they currently offer the cheapest standalone broadband package. They offer free over night downloads too which is also useful for those who have files to sort out but donít want to use up all their usage.

BT is actually the largest Broadband Provider in the company and has over four million customers. Their download speeds are up to 20 Mb and the different packages come with varying download limits depending on what sort of user you are. There is also an unlimited one for heavy internet users who tend to play games and watch online video content. You can check the speed within your area using their speed checker tool before you purchase so it should give you a much better idea.

Each provider has an advantage over its competitors so it is important to work out the factor you are most interested in before signing up to a deal.
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