Oscar 2011 Nominations for Actor in Supporting Role

By: thisishiral | Posted: 07th March 2011

The five awaited Oscar 2011 nomination for the Actor in Supporting Role are out. Its Christian Bale for The Fighter, John Hawkes for Winters Bone, Jeremy Renner for “The Town”, Mark Ruffalo for “The Kids are all Right” and Geoffrey Rush for “The King’s Speech”
It’s the first Oscar nomination for the 37 year old Christian Bale who’s been nominated for the film, “The Fighter”. The English actor has won several awards in his acting career and successfully completed some of the biggest films in Hollywood like Batman Begins and “The Dark Knight”. He has already won the KCFCC Award for the Best Actor in supporting role for the same film The Fighter. He was also nominated in BAFTA for the same film but did not get the BAFTA and now it’s time for Oscars for the same film, The Fighter.
The 51 year old John Hawkes has not been lucky with awards. The successful actor has won few awards but won many nominations in his acting career but again never an Oscar nomination. This becomes his first Oscar nomination for his performance in the film Winters Bone.
This is the second Oscar nomination for Jeremy Renner for his performance in “The Town”. He was last Oscar nominated in Oscar 2010 in the category for Best actor in Leading Role for the film, The Hurt Locker. Apart from Oscars, the 40 year old has won several other awards.
The 43 year Mark Ruffalo has seen a lot of nominations in his acting career but this will be his first ever Oscar nomination for his film “The Kids are all Right”. The American actor has managed to win only 2 awards from the list of several of his nominations.
59 year old Geoffrey Rush has won several awards in his acting career. He has also won the Oscars back in 1997 as the Best actor in leading role for his film Shine. And this year he’s receiving his fourth Oscar nomination for the film “The King’s Speech”. He was previously Oscar nominated in 1999 as Best actor in supporting role for Shakespeare in Love and in 2001 as Best Actor in a Leading Role for the film Quills.
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