Intensive Night Cream For Sensitive Skin

By: Irina Maia | Posted: 06th March 2011

Night creams or serums are specially beneficial for those past 30 as their skin begins to show the first signs of aging as fine lines appear: the skin becomes more dry, less elastic and starts to look colorless and blotchy. The many benefits associated with applying a night cream include reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations. While you are asleep, a night cream can hydrate and nourish your skin quickly and easily. Another important advantage is that it not only helps immensely in decreasing aging signs, it also helps to keep your skin smooth, firm and flawless for longer periods of time. Various night creams fight the normal signs of aging, including wrinkles, uneven texture, puffiness, sagging and age spots.

Night creams tend to contain higher levels of active ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, to help boost skin repair as well as moisturising it. Day creams however focus on hydrating the epidermis whilst defending it from the environment - from UV light and pollution for instance - with sunscreens and anti-oxidants.

The most recent cellular rejuvenation technology has says it is now possible to obstruct and reverse the aging signs, with topically applied creams, if they secure the right ingredients. Here's a look at just a few of the ingredients that are safety and effective. Avocado oil contains sterolins, plant steroids that are able to help fade age spots. The oil is a great way to obtain vitamin A and E. It provides essential fatty acids that moisturize and nurture. Vitamin A, E and the rest of the antioxidants can be of real aid because they block toxins from forming. The Avocado oil is particularly rich in vitamins A, D and E, in addition to potassium, protein and essential fatty acids, and so is the Shea butter.

Before you apply the night cream it is wise to cleanse and tone your face. You basically have to remove any extra oil, dirt or makeup remains. Allow your face to relax for a few minutes before you put on the cream, to dry properly. Whenever you put on the cream, start with the centre of your face, using the product evenly while massaging the skin very lightly. You shouldn't rub the cream though. Itīs smart to apply the cream on your neck also, with upward strokes. A face cream should be used on a regular bases, even though you donīt might not use makeup a lot.

A lot of women and men have sensitive skin and therefore should generally use a non-comedogenic night and day cream, such as the Xtend intensive night cream, which is made specially to safeguard the pores from being clogged. One common reason forsensitive skin can be the the genetic factors, which can play a big role. Do a lot of your family members have skin problems? Research shows that fair skinned people usually develop hypersensitive skin more often than people with darker complexions.

A good way to stop your problems due to sensitive or dry skin is to ensure moisturizing. Good creams for instance the natural Xtend intensive night cream aid your skin retain moisture to face up to drying and abrasion, while reviving your skin.


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