The myths about laser hair removal

By: Flexjhon | Posted: 28th February 2011

In spite of knowing the fact that the laser hair removal technology has been around for over three decades, still most of the people are to some extent sceptical about using this technique to remove their unwanted body hair. And, all this is because of the various myths that have always been associated with this laser technique. But all these misconceptions are not true; in fact people who want to get rid of their unwanted hairs have reaped several benefits out of it. Listed below are some of the common myths that are associated with the laser hair removal as well as the basic truths behind them.

1.The most common misconception about the laser hair removal is that the treatment may lead to serious harm to the organs of the body. But, this is utterly false because the laser pulses do not penetrate deep into the skin. In fact it works beyond the roots of the hair without creating any harm to the skin.

2. Another thing is after the treatment a person may have a slight redness on the skin, but this also subsides within a few hours.

3. Most of them consider that this technique is too painful to bear, but the truth is that it only causes mild discomfort. In fact, gels or creams are also used before the treatment that decreases the pain during the laser session. In addition, the Soprano XL laser but Alma lasers is the first laser in the world that can offer a truly painless experience, even in sensitive areas like the bikini line or underarms. The advancement in laser technology together with the patented dual chill system in the Soprano XL laser makes this the gold standard amongst all laser hair removal systems.

4. Majority of people believe that laser technique for hair removal will leave scars or marks on their skin. This is not at all true; in fact laser does not cut or tear the skin in any way and hence you cannot cause any scars or spots.

5. It is always said that the laser hair removal works best on patients with light skin and dark hair, but this is a traditional belief. Today, the new laser advancement known as Soprano XL Technology has made it possible for all-skinned people. With this innovative technique, people with any skin type can go through safe and painless laser treatment.

6. Most of them do not opt for laser hair removal technology as they feel that the procedure is too expensive. Although, this treatment is little expensive, but in the long run it proves to be cheapest and hassle free method because you no longer have to spend time and money on other techniques, such as shaving, waxing, tweezing, plucking, etc.

7. Also, people think that laser removal causes enhanced growth of hair. But, the fact is that this treatment prevents and inhibits the growth of new hair.

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