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By: Paulrowley | Posted: 28th February 2011

Mobile broadband has revolutionised the use of internet on mobile phones and laptops, with customers able to access the internet from anywhere in the UK with great rates. With many phones now having internet services built in, and providing a high speed connection, customers are always left satisfied, able to reach their favourite websites within seconds.

Those who use their laptops often will be just as pleased, with the recent range of USB modems and sticks which have come into the market. Many telecommunications companies are now developing these USBs in order that laptops can be connected to the internet in any area, rather than customers having to try to find free wireless to connect into. The networks that these companies provide are also safe and secure, eliminating the security risks people often run when connecting into an unknown network in public.

Rates for Mobile Broadband in the UK are very reasonable, with most companies either offering pay as you go, or a fixed rate. Some companies will allow you to pay a flat rate for your internet usage, after which you are free to browse as much as you want for the month. Other companies will charge you for each time you go onto the internet, either on your USB Stick or mobile phone. This pay as you go option can be good for those customers who like the ease and flexibility of having internet on the go, but do not necessarily use it all the time, and so will save more money by just paying each time they sign in.

Mobile broadband in the UK is rapidly developing, with many Broadband Providers providing the service, and even initiatives to develop ‘Digital Britain’. ‘Digital Britain’ is a steering group which has been established to promote digital telecommunications to the point where the UK will have total broadband coverage. This means the internet will be accessible from anywhere from any mobile device, with mobile broadband going nationwide. There will be a minimum speed of 2Mbps by 2012 in order that everybody can be linked in at their convenience, wherever they are in the UK.

Mobile broadband currently covers most of the UK except for more remote areas, making it a great investment if you are thinking of purchasing a USB stick for broadband, or a phone with mobile broadband built in. The great prices and high speed internet on these devices has made them common place, with many people now owning such devices.
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