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By: Md Nazmul Huq | Posted: 25th February 2011

Today we need to communicate no matter what we do. Gone are the days when one has to use desktop phones and desktop PCs to connect with friends, family and clients. Today communication has gone mobile. One can connect with anyone and everyone using a little device called cell phone these days. Then again there were days when mobile phones were as costly as diamonds more over the rates of calls and SMS were way too high. Thanks to the numerous prepaid cellular service providers who have now made prepaid cell phones available on such low and cheap rates that even a high school kid could afford it with his pocket money.

In the days of dinosaurs, the only mode of payment was post pay where you use to get a heart attack every time you saw your communication bills, these prepaid cell phones now have introduce a communication system that only charges you according to you usage. There are several package plans that these days cellular companies offers. They are designed according to the need of the user depending on the number of calls or text messages he does. A little market search would give you the plan that caters best for your needs. In addition, these plans also offer free calling minutes, text messages, mms etc.
Using a prepaid cell phone will only cost you when you use it. Prepaid cell phones also offer value added services like call waiting, missed call alerts etc that can help you out in keeping a track of people who tried contacting you while you were already in a call or when your was powered off.
Prepaid cell phone service providers also offers mobile broadband now. Social networking applications like Twitter, Face book, Google Talk, LinkedIn etc can be installed in your phone hence giving you a chance to communicate with your social and business circle form anywhere and whenever you want. From time to time, prepaid service providers introduce new services and offers that add fun and excitement to prepaid cell phone experience.

When you use a prepaid service, you can always use two or more services at a time. Unlike in post pay where you are bound to one network, in prepaid system you can have many Sims at a time that you may use according to your need. So switching to different networks is easy in prepaid.

So if, you are someone who loves freedom and want to stay economical yet stay connected and communicate with all your friends, family, acquaintance, clients, employees no matter who prepaid cell phone will work for you. Since prepaid cell phones offers you flexible rates, choice of network, freebies n most cases and mobile broadband if you choose to use internet on your cell phone. Prepaid cell phones have given a makeover to today’s communication.

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