Do you need a great skin, before the beginning of the summer?

By: Dr. D. Brown | Posted: 25th February 2011

When there are so many so similar moisturizers, how to choose the right one?

Proper moisturizer is essential for your skin.

For illustration: Suppose you just got new wood garden furniture. And somebody used wrong paint on your furniture. What would happen with your new garden furniture after a few months? The paint will bubble and gone; the furniture will be damaged by wind and rain.

Same story happens when you use wrong moisturizer, improper for your skin. You wouldn’t get desirable result as a simple case; as the worst case scenario - you can get a strong allergy reaction. Proper moisturizer is essential for your skin.

Let’s get another example:

When you need to melt a snow, you usually use some kind of salt, right? And if instead of the salt you will use, let say… starch. What would happen then? Instead of snow and water, you will have a mudded compound, sticky and dirty. A simple wrong action instantly can turn into a big problem.

Applying wrong, improper moisturizer to your skin can have equally unpredictable effect. The skin can become too dry or too oily or in the worst case – too sensitive. Proper moisturizer is essential for your skin.

Would you agree that an each person is unique?

This is why you need to use moisturizer that is suitable for you unique skin. An moisturizer that is proper to your skin will bring much better effect than something, created to “feet all sizes”.

People unique not only mentally, but physically as well.

We have different weight, different high, different eyes color, and different outlook; we have different types of skin with unique level of sensitivity.

This is why you have to use moisturizers, proper to your unique skin, to your unique body. You need to use moisturizers that are perfectly compatible with your unique needs, your unique wishes. Proper moisturizer is essential for your skin.

The main question is how to decide what kind of moisturizer is exactly for you. There are so many different moisturizers. There are hundreds if not thousands of different brands, names, products.

New discovers in a skin care science happen virtually every day. How find that single proper solution and not to damage own skin with too many experiments?

The answer may look so hard to find, but it is so simple and so effortless. Special analysis tool, based on experience of many professional dermatologists will help you to determine the type of a moisturizer you need to use and types of the products, you better eliminate.

And since this is free to use, it worth to try… your skin will be thankful!

Why after some age some people have good or even great skin when some other people have not-so perfect skin?

Proper type of moisturizer, suitable for your skin can produce much better and long – lasting result. On the other hand, inappropriate moisturizer, incompatible to your skin can produce disappointment and dissatisfaction.

When this is your only skin, you have to be sure in your moisturizer.

Do you want to be sure that your moisturizer is right for your skin? May be it is, maybe not. Come and check

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