Everything About New iphone 4 Gadgets

By: Ashley Boone | Posted: 24th February 2011

Once you have bought your iphone, it is best that you get useful iphone gadgets for it. Because of so many iphone gadgets on the market today, it could be quite hard to choose among them. Listed here are a few recommended iphone gadgets that you should try out:

Screen protector ? the 4-way privacy display protection is one of the most ideal iPod gadgets for protecting your display from scratches as well as from people who are violating your privacy.

Headphones for music enthusiasts, you may want to get yourself a DJ-like headphones. Urbanz Headsets would be great because they have excellent sound quality, are lightweight with soft ear pads and headband. It also includes an inline wire remote that allows you to easily adjust the volume while listening to the music. If you are looking for a more functional headphone, you can check out the Aliph JawBone II Bluetooth headset. The design is not very bulky and you can choose from three colors: silver, red, and black. It claims to have noise reducing technology and long battery life: 4 hours talk and 8 days standby time.

new iphone 4 Dock a good dock is an accessory that every iphone users should have. Intempo new iphone 4 dock serves as a speaker for your music but it also stops when you receive a call or SMS. It is also great for watching videos or when you are using FaceTime. For docks that are small and easy to bring anywhere the new iphone 4 Cradle dock will do the trick. You can use it as a speaker, charger, or as a USB outlet for just $15.

new iphone 4 Case a good case should be able to protect the iphone from scratches and finger marks without becoming an obstruction on the phone?s functions. Make sure the buttons are accessible and your signal isn?t affected. There is an array of gadgets from colorful skins, to the new iphone 4 4 Barely There case to keep the original look, and also quite functional cases such as the extended battery case. This case is appropriate for people who often travel or for those who have a rough and active lifestyle. The downside is that it makes your phone heavier. You can surely find a good case that fits your needs.

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