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By: Sam Jaim | Posted: 24th February 2011

Feeling alone, and all you have with you is your Buzz Lightyear action figure? Well, be lonely no more! Here comes an interactive toy that provides hours and hours of fun, fun, fun.

Presenting, the character behind the famous catchphrase: “To infinity and beyond!” Yep, you’ve guessed it right. It’s Buzz Lightyear! Gone are the days when all you can do is play with these plush toys. The Talking Buzz Lightyear, standing 12 inches tall, is packed with about 60 verses! Not only that, this is the most accurate replica there is and is filled with loads of features that will surely give your kids maximum hours of enjoyment.

You can put Buzz in every position you can possibly think of. With over 32 “joints”, so to speak, he is pretty flexible for a toy.

As can be observed, there are various buttons embedded on his chest. For some “Buzz Toy” phrases, click the red oval, the one on his left. With the blue button, you not only hear him speak like a space ranger, but he also moves his head as he articulates.

If you have observed in the movie, which is needless to say because you obviously have, he speaks to his arm communicator to record all his “expeditions.” With this action figure, on the other hand, if you open this, he speaks up with related phrases coupled with sound effects. The same happens when you open or close his helmet, making sounds as though he were to suffocate. Moreover, that “laser thing” on his arm? It lights and beeps when pressed…less harmful though.

On the right side of his chest is a round button which sets him for the flying mode. His wings pop out and light up. He is now ready to fly! Additionally, he is equipped with a level sensor. Meaning, he senses when he is in a horizontal flying position or standing vertically. He then responds with a flying or landing sound effect. Cool isn’t he?

Talking Buzz Lightyear is a highly detailed, action packed deluxe film replica and has 65 sayings in original voice. What are you waiting for? Visit us at The Talking Buzz Lightyear.
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