Vegetarian Diet - Is It Safe For My Infant?

By: Dan Fonder | Posted: 23rd February 2011

When you plan to put your infant in vegetarian diet because of ethical or dietary reasons, you need to be cautious in selecting food items in nourishing your child.

When breastfeeding your baby while in a strict vegetarian diet, additional nutrients are required which means you need to complement breast milk with other food items. You need to add foods that are rich in Vitamin B-12 to your child’s diet especially if you are an ovo-vegetarian.

Although you are a strict vegetarian, your child also needs to obtain essential macro and micronutrients via breastfeeding aside from Vitamin B-12 additions.

You have to go with commercial formulas which sufficiently contain nutrients when you opt to utilize formula instead of breast milk. Your will be risking your child in different developmental problems due to lack of adequate nutrition if you stick with homemade soy milk or formulas.

When you intend to give your infant a vegetarian diet, you can go with soy milk formulas as long as it can provide sufficient nutrition.

You can start supplementing breast milk or formula with other sources of nutrition like homemade soymilk, yoghurt, formulas and cow’s milk after a year or so if you are not a vegetarian.

Nutrition experts recommend that it is best to give your infant a high protein and full fat diet after the age of one which consists of soy milk, yoghurt, nutritious tofu, and mashed and pureed avocados.

When your infant reaches an appropriate age of eating solid vegetarian food items, you can include vegetarian burgers, cheese, eggs as well as solid tofu.

A healthy vegetarian diet for your infant is not hard to maintain. You just need to boost the protein and fat intake of your infant if you are supplementing a non-vegetarian diet. With this, you don’t need to worry about your infant during the child’s stages of development.

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