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By: Stack | Posted: 18th February 2011

Are you looking for a comprehensive HD entertainment at your place? Think about DISH Network, the leading name in HD entertainment in the United States. The satellite TV provider brings you the most expansive array of high definition channels. The company has over 200 high definition channels at present. There is hardly any satellite TV provider that brings you so much of a variety and that too in high definition.

It is truly said that all good things in life come for a price. However, let us add to this that the price does not have to be steep for the good things we enjoy in life. Take the DISH Network packages for example. The 100% HD packages from DISH Network do not come for a very high price. Rather they are the cheapest when compared to the other packages. The DISH America Packages from DISH Network are among the most amazing packages offered by the company. You will find a wide array of your favorite HD channels in these packages. The DISH America packages include three different packages that bring you three different levels of entertainment. Sounds perfect, isnít it? Here, take a look at them Ė

DISH America - this is the basic DISH America package that brings you over 60 channels. These channels include some of your basic favorites including ESPN HD and TNT HD. You will find this package very attractive. This package is priced at $24.99 per month for the first 12 months. After that you have to pay $34.99 per month for the package. This package comes with HD included. Opting for the package you will get DISH Platinum pack free for three months. This will allow you to get access to unlimited on demand movies for three months. Now thatís a real deal!

DISH America Silver - for those who want to have a little bit of extra in their lives without compromising the budget, DISH America Silver can be the perfect choice. Priced reasonably, the DISH America Silver package brings you over 75 channels. These channels include all the channels included in the DISH America package plus a number of your favorite channels. You will also get DISH Platinum pack with this channel that will allow you access to over 2500 movies that you can choose as per your taste for the first three months. This package is priced at $39.99 for the first 12 months of agreement and after that you have to pay $49.99 a month.

DISH America Gold - DISH America Gold is for those who do not want to compromise on their TV entertainment. With this amazing package one can watch over 85 channels including the channels available in DISH America Silver package. You will get DISH Platinum pack with the package that brings you more on demand movies than most of the other on demand services. This package is priced at $49.99/month.

You can choose any of these packages and have a great time with DISH Network packages.

Get the best entertainment with the DISH America Packages from DISH Network. You will have the best ever satellite TV experience with the DISH channels available in these packages.
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