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By: Stack | Posted: 18th February 2011

How much are you willing to spend on good TV? Is less than $1 a day is too much? I guess not! We often spend loads of money on unnecessary stuff that neither brings us entertainment nor satisfaction. So, why not give DISH Network English packages a shot? After all, this is the best English languages entertainment packages that any satellite TV provider is offering these days. With these amazing DISH Network packages a comprehensive TV entertainment is guaranteed!

DISH Network is one of the most well known satellite TV provider in the United States that currently boasts a 14.3 million customer base. At the same time DISH Network is also the fastest growing pay TV provider in the United States. The satellite TV provider has recently revamped its packages and upgraded its deals so that they can bring nothing but the best entertainment to the DISH network viewers. Keeping the budget of the viewers in mind DISH Network has introduced a great price on DISH Network.

Now let us take a quick look at DISH Network English packages offered by DISH Network. DISH Network English Package Consists of four important packages - i.e. America’s Top 120, America’s Top 200, America’s Top 250 and America’s Everything Pak. Let us take a quick look at all the four packs before you actually choose your pick from them.

America’s Top 120 - America’s Top 120 is one of the most basic DISH Network packages. You will get over 120 channels with this package along with the local channels. You will get nothing but the best channels at the most affordable price. America’s Top 120 packages come with a regular price of $44.99/Mo. But if you opt for agreement autopay and paperless billing you will get a $15/Mo off of this package for one whole year. That means for the first 12 months you will have to pay just $29.99/Mo. Now that is quite a savings. Apart from that you will also get loads of offers and DISH Network deals along with this package.

America’s Top 200 - America’s Top 200 package is one of the most well known DISH Network package that packs in over 220 channels at an extremely affordable price of $59.99/Mo. But hey, don’t let the price tag deceive you. The price goes down to $39.99/Mo if you go for a 24 month agreement and agree for autopay and paperless billing. This package contains popular channels such as Bravo, Oxygen as well as other channels.

America’s Top 250 - America’s Top 250 brings you over 260 channels. This is the most popular package on DISH Network. This package comes along with a price tag of $69.99/Mo. But if you opt for a 24 month agreement and agree for autopay and paperless billing, you will get the local channels and your regional sports network with this channel.

America’s Everything Pak - America’s everything Pak is the best package that brings you over 295 channels including the premium movie channels. This package is priced at $104.99/Mo but is available to the new customers who have undergone agreement at $84.99/Mo.

You can choose any of these packages and have loads of fun with them.

Check out the new DISH Network Packages that will add spice to your TV entertainment. You will definitely have a great TV time with Dishnetwork.
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