A Superman Story

By: tierra | Posted: 18th February 2011

Donald's Superman Story

Donald's superman story started when he was two a long time aged and he had a pair of superman jammies that doubled that 12 months as his Halloween costume. We set black momentary hair spray in his cotton leading, blonde hair, gave him the classic superman dangling curl on the forehead connected the cape and he was our little superman. The night time we went "trick or treating" somebody at mother and dad's took a image of him with dad (Grandpa Frank) and the image made its way to a frame and was positioned on the wall at Grandma and Grandpa's for all to see for a long time to arrive. As the a long time previous that blonde hair darkened up and the minor petite boy grew to six foot three and was considerably far more like the superman but with out the red cape. When he turned sixteen he began " flying" all over town in a red and white 84 Scottsdale truck. But people days of carefree youth (and I think carefree pretty properly sums up D's personality) have been reduce quick when Donald at age 16 abruptly died even though on a canoeing trip with his church youth group, June 30th, 2003. The trigger of his death is still a mystery. A single probability is that a virus attacked his organs and then some type of injury to one of them brought on the suddenness of his death. But in fact we may never know. All we know for confident is that he left our residence one particular Sunday afternoon running about with smiles and laughter and we were all laughing when he bound out the door in a hurry to get to the church parking good deal.

While Donald was alive, he and I shared a song that was well-liked at the time, I think the group that preformed it was named 5 for Fighting and the song was It is not simple to be me (The Superman Song). At the time I liked it due to the fact it attempted to be a "serious" tune about Superman trying to suit in and I imagined the lyrics had been humorous. Why Donald liked it I cannot say for certain, neither of us have been contemplating of any deep that means that the song was attempting to invoke, it just was clever and rather mellow for my taste. At any charge it became the only current secular tune that we the two would listen to and as was my practice it would get cranked up when it played. In brief it was, if there can be such a thing in between mother and son "our song".

Soon after Donald's sudden death we had been planning the funeral, with which I had little to do due to the fact I was unable make numerous choices at the time, but some one particular mentioned we essential to locate a image of Donald for the front of the plan. We observed the only current 1 we could that D was not creating a deal with or giving bunny ears. He cared absolutely nothing for images and would not even provide house the college packs for us so we had been in truth very minimal. Soon after the funeral and visitation was all above I for the 1st time took a nearer seem at the picture on the front and discovered D had on a Superman shirt. He did not own this kind of a shirt; it had bee borrowed by Sarah (D's older sister) from a buddy and Donald thought due to the fact it was at our property it was fair game. The connection with the Superman theme seemed to be expanding more powerful and was strengthened even far more when my husband's sister Debbie who was shut to Donald named me the evening ahead of the one particular year anniversary of his death, and informed me she had heard a tune that always manufactured her believe of D. It was the very same Superman song. I had in no way mentioned something about the song and the connection involving D and I to Debbie, since it was just a quirky factor among mother and son, and Debbie confirmed that I had never ever pointed out it to her.

As previously stated this call occurred a day before the one-12 months anniversary of D's death. The day of the anniversary I had plans to invest time with my near friend Carla in Taylorville the town wherever I was from and exactly where my son was buried. When leaving my home I stopped by the mailbox and picked up sympathy letters and cards from friends. There was a card in the mailbox from an unfamiliar title so I left it to be picked up when I arrived property. I need to interject that from the time of Donald's death I had spoken to quite a few other parents who had lost youngsters, numerous of them asked me if I had any "signs" that D was okay. I really had not and actually thought that these unhappy mothers had fairly lost it. I also had turn out to be both also hardened to pay attention to any preacher speak on the really like of God or was as well tender to hear nearly anything "real" since eternal life was now a fact to me like by no means prior to. But no matter what the situation I could not bear listening to effectively that means pastors in individual or on the radio. However on that anniversary of horror I had turned on the radio although driving to Taylorville seeking the oldies stations listening for any tune that would develop a needed distraction to the soreness in my heart. Although browsing I ran across a man talking about Superman, I was compelled to listen. The man was a minister out of Texas, Tony Evans. He was speaking about when he was a little boy he was enthralled with all super heroes but that his preferred was Superman. He liked the notion that Clark Kent was just a mere mortal until he set on his fit with the large S.

As he grew he came to recognize that this is how we are if we have accepted Christ's salvation. We are sinful men and women with no potential to save ourselves till we place on the " S" for Salvation in Christ. The picture of my son with the S on his chest arrived instantly to brain. I advised my buddy Carla about what all had transpired with the tune, Debbie calling and saying the tune was a reminder of D, with the image on the funeral system and then the message that was heard on the radio the day of the 1 year anniversary of D's death. She agreed that it possibly was God letting me know that Donald was covered by Christ's salvation and that he was with God. It had been quite an emotional day and by the time I drove back again house from Taylorville, after initial stopping by the cemetery I was exhausted. As I manufactured the turn into my driveway I remembered the 1 card I had left in the mailbox and pulled it out to study it. It was a note published from an acquaintance asking if my husband and I have been doing okay, saying he was praying for us and was asking yourself if we had any signs from God that Donald was okay.

Now as any one who is aware of me will inform you I am the very last individual to feel any "sign" type of theology, but I now think that God will deliver comfort to the broken hearted and that He is not minimal in how He will do that. The concept in this story although strongly private and emotional to me is actually a plead to make certain that you and those you adore are covered with the S, so when your human physique dies, and it will, there will be a supernatural covering (the blood of Christ) to "fly" you into eternity.

A postscript on this story, my tiny guy of steel while officially pronounced dead at a hospital in Sullivan, MO in fact died in Steelville, MO.

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